2-in 1 Toy Storage Basket For Kids

Open containers make tidying up easy. Simply toss (or gently place) all your child’s toys inside them. Without drawers to open or heavy lids to pinch small fingers, they can be extra-accessible for tots.

Choose toy storage bins to match your space , whether that’s your kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Our Toy Storage Basket meets your fashion requirements, with strong practicability and 2-in 1 function.

Bring a play mat for your baby, which can hold toys, so that you can quickly clean up the toys and store your baby’s toys.

2-in 1 Toy Storage Basket – Hiyaahome Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat For Kids Toys

2 IN 1 Function

his Collapsible bin not only has a massive capacity for you to storage toys which is small and scattered but also could separate a play mat for your kids.

Never worry that your kid would make his pants dirty when he is playing on this mat.

Storage The Toys Quickly

Have you ever feel upset when you pack up your kids’ toys which is on the ground again and again?

Kids always being energetic like a perpetual motion machine.

We feel happy they are so cute and chirpy. But they may too young to pack up toys by themselves. Pick up the toys scattered on the floor always become your mission.

This 2-in-1 storage bin could help! Withe this user-friendly storage bin, you could pack up the toys in 5 seconds.

Just pull the rope and the toys could all in the bin. Just close up the bin and put it to the corner.

Durable & Waterproof Material

Made waterproof and resilient Oxford and Cation Cloth, which are durable enough to storage some toy with sharp corners like building for a long time but would be broken.

This distortion-free storage bin could be flattened in a short time even you always fold it.

Never worry about your kids’ toys would get wet and protect their toys better.

Help Your Kids To Develop Skill

The diameter of the circle mat is 150cm/59in’’ which bring a large space for them to find the one they want.

Bring them a space for their own. If you want to develop the skill of picking their thing, this toy organizer could help.

With this bin is easy to pack up, you can teach them how to put their things in order with an easy way.

Built the confidence and interest of packing.

Portable & Individual

This toy basket is collapsible and lightweight, you could take it to outdoor easily.

Never worry that your kid will get boring or dirty outside.

For your kids health, please let them sit on the mat while they are playing especially outdoor.

What’ s more, the mat could be took out separately, you could clean up the mat easily.

2 in 1 Storage Bucket With Blanket

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