Best Manual Can Opener In Security Perspective

Since 1809, can have been the most convenient food for us. Not only help us to save the time of cooking but also portable for us to take. However, can is difficult for us to open it by its good tightness. Sometimes we get hurt by its shape iron sheet.

That is why we need a safe can opener. Easy for us to open the can also protect us from getting hurt by the iron sheet.

If we use an electronic can opener, it could be a burden when it was no power. So I recommend that we use a manual can opener, never worry that it could not work when we have a picnic or forget to charge the opener.

So I begin to find a manual can opener that is safe enough and labor-saving.

Finally I find the best manual can opener for us:


This Can opener cuts the can’s lid efficiently from the side in a smooth, tidy manner without leaving jagged, sharp edges, smooth and no sharp edge cover, protect your fingers from being scratch. Safe to use a can opener on your own and even your kids.


HiyaaHome Safe Manual Can Opener is made from food graded stainless-steel blade and exceptionally durable and sturdy. Chosen stainless steel blade, ensuring can opener will not rust or break over time.Safe Manual Can Opener


Can opener is designed with Ergonomics, an easy turning knob, and an excellent comfortable crank handle makes can opener cutting open cans simple and easy, fast and straightforward.


Proper dimension makes this opener very easy to carry when you are taking a trip or outdoor camping, and It can open up all kinds of round and oval cans.

It is also convenient for you to hang or store with a hole on the handle of the opener. The compact and smart design can opener an ideal fit for your kitchen cabinets and drawer.

How To Use A Manual Can Opener

Now that we all know HiyaaHome Manual Can Opener is safe for us. If you wonder how to use it, please go on looking.

  1. Turn handle clockwise to make the wheel as below
  2. Put the can opener onto the round can and please make sure it is vertical with the can
  3. Turn the handle clockwise forward to cut with some strenthen
  4. Turn back the handle clockwise to release and get it

4 steps for using a manual openerSafe Manual Can Opener


Can opener with a brand-new design, cut lid in sideways. The cutting blade will not touch the food, and the cover can be put back into the can without falling into the food, which makes sure the food clean.

When clean the can opener, you only need to clean the can opener under running faucet water.

They’re also an upgraded type for you: There is a hole at the end of the handle. If you don’t use it, you can hang it on the wall. Easy to store and could use to open more types of bottles.Safe Manual Can Opener

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