Best Meat Skewer Kebab Maker For BBQ

When we barbecue with friends, food preparation is time-consuming, especially when making meat skewers.

We need to cut the meat, cut the meat into the same size, and then use our hands to pierce the meat. This is very time-consuming.

A good meat skewer kebab maker can solve your problem. Help you make meat skewers quickly.

Hiyaahome 49 Holes Kebab Maker is the best BBQ meat skewer for you to purchasing.

Hiyaahome 49 Holes Meat Quick Skewer Kebab Maker

Holes Skewer Tools

[Make Skewer Efficiently]

Have you ever got hurt for making meat string? Sometimes, we must prepare a lot before making a meat string as the meat is hard to go through.

No more worry now! HiyaaHome 2 in 1 Cut and Bunch Skewer Maker help you make skewers in a safe and fast way.

With its large capacity, you make 49 skewers in 5 minutes. No more worry that your hand would get hurt.

If you bunch meat by hand, you properly stab the meat much time in a different position when you could not pierce through the meat. You might think that is okay.

However, making meat strings could affect the taste of meat and the meat not as delicious as before.

This BBQ Meat String Machines could fasten the meat better, which helps you pierce the meat in a short time.

What’s more, this Kebab maker reduces the contact between your hand and meat, which is much Hygeian than the traditional way.

Holes Skewer Tools

[Easy To Use]

Equipped with three holes for each skewer area, help you string the meat in the fixed direction better.

There is some groove for you to insert the prod, never worry about you pierce the meat in the wrong direction. Thanks to the 5mm depth design of the groove, you can cut the meat entirely.

[How To Use Our 49 Holes Meat Skewer Kebab Maker]

Holes Skewer Tools

  • Cut meat to fit the size of the box
  • Put the meat into the machine
  • Fix the upper cover
  • Through-hole piercing
  • Crosscut with the knife
  • Take the meat skewers out.

[Easy To Clean]

If you want to clean it, scour it with water.

Thanks to the large opening design, we could clean every corner in the box.

If you’re going to clean it thoroughly, you could use dish soap to clean the oil.

Holes Skewer Tools

[Hiyaahome Kebab Maker Premium Detail]

  • Bottom Tray: The back bottom of the tray is an anti-slip design, which helps you cut food in a much effortless way. The tray also prevents the prod from hurting your table.
  • Quick Through Needle: Equipped with a needle that could pierce the meat quickly, help you pierce the gristle better.
  • Quality Of Skewer: 49
  • Length of Skewer: 9 cm / 3.5 in
  • Skewer Dimension: 1.25*1.25 cm / 0.5*0.5 in
  • Item Dimension: 17*17*21.4 cm / 6.7*6.7*8.4 in
  • Meat For Each Time: 0.8 kg / 28.22 oz / 1.76 lbs
  • Package: 1 x Skewer Tool |1 x Knife | 1 x Piercing needle(Get through cartilage quickly)

And the other accessories for BBQ:

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