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The most effective pool brush for cleaning any type of filthy in your pool.

We always complain that the pool is not clean enough for us to swimming or playing. The moss attach to the deepest areas of the crack of the bricks is annoying. Or the brush is too soft for the filthy. That all make us upset. As a person who cleans the pool by herself in the past ten years. I think a great pool brush should have the functionality or feature below.

How an excellent pool brush should be:


If your pool brush has small size, trust me, you could be exhausted even much tired than having sex all night. And that not a happy job. However, if your pool brushes too wide, it’s hard for you to control the brush. Also, it could make you tired. As an old pool cleaner for my house, I recommend using an 18” length brush. Easy for you to control the brush with a long pole and ensure the cleaning area.

HiyaaHome 18 Inches Pool Brush


If the bristles are too soft, removing the filthy is too hard for us. If you want to clean the pool in a short time, make sure your pool brush could reach any corners. So if a curved edges design could be best for cleaning, a pool brush with curved edges design and high-density bristles could easily reach the deepest crack of the tiles and help your pool get rid of the moss and other dirt quickly.

HiyaaHome 18 Inches Pool Brush


If your pool brush always lost its bristles, throw it away! It’s so bad for a pool. We need a brush whose is sturdy enough and have high quality bristles! Not easy to be corroded, aged, or changing color. So that we could use it in a long time.

HiayyHome 18” Pool Brush


Equipped with high-quality & high-density bristles, help you clean the pool in a shorter time—curved edges design, easy for you to clean the corners. You can reach every corner, even small corners, and clean your pool thoroughly. What’s more, it can get to the deepest cracks of the tiles. The weight of the brush is 18 inches, which helps you clean a larger area at one time. Help your pool get rid of the moss and other dirt quickly. The hole of the brush is 0.98 inches which suitable for many poles in the market.

HiyaaHome 18 Inches Pool Brush


There is a sturdy reinforced aluminum in the back of the brush. A hardened plastic frame and firm bristles will not fall or break, and no damage to your pool. The bristles quickly scrub off the Algae; the width makes your cleaning job much more manageable. There are no more exhausted when you are cleaning the pool. Durable aluminum and harden plastic, not easy to be eroded, aged, or changing color.


Our heavy-duty vinyl swimming pool brush is for pool cleaning and an excellent tool for Pond, spas, Floors, Walls, Hot springs, even suitable for tubes. Get one and make your cleaning job not more difficult.

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