Best Wireless Motion Sensor Light

We need the light anywhere anytime.

When we get up at night for going toilet, when we go to the stair, When we get up at night to go to the toilet, when we go to the stair, or when we find something. Find a switch on the wall in the dark sometimes could be dangerous. The toys on the ground or the mouse, all of them could let you fall.

That is why we need a portable light to help us find the switch of the wall or help us look clearly at night.

Sometimes I want a portable light that could help me light the drawer or the closet. And I also need a light like a flashlight and convenient for me to take it anywhere. What’s more, I think there is a scene that is super cool: when I go downstairs in the dark, the light will light up with my motion. We need this multi-function light! If I want it is there, it is there!

So finally, it comes up with my surprise — HiyaaHome Motion Sensor Light Switch

Two Opening Mode

For a better experience of Movable LED Light, there are two opening modes for you to select.

The first mode is lightning; switch the button to the middle, let the cozy light bring you a sweet dreamland. The other one is motion sensor mode; switch the button to the left the light will turn on when you pass by with its infrared sensor inside. It could light on for 5 minutes in the motion sensor mode.

Infrared Sensor System

The sensor area is 90° of this Indoor Motion Sensor Light which could receive your motion-sensitive. Once you reach the area of the infrared sensor, the light turns on instantly.HiyaaHome Magnet Motion Sensor Light

Keep You Safe In Dark

Sometimes, we could not find the switch of the light in the dark when we get up to the toilet at night. If there are some objects on the floor, it could be very dangerous when we could not turn on the light at once. As you stick the light on the wall, the light would turn on if it receives your motion. Keep you safe in the dark.HiyaaHome Magnet Motion Sensor Light

Long Battery Life

For convenience and environmental protection, HiyaaHome Motion Sensor Night Light’s mode of power supply is USB Charging. No need to buy more batteries for the light. Equipped with a premium lithium battery, once it gets a full charge, it could light on for 5.5 hours. One hour to get a full charge.

Multi Scenario Usage

You could use HiyaaHome Motion Sensor LED Light on many occasions. There is a 3M sticker under the magnet, and you can paste it if you want to fix it in one place. You could fix it on the wall of the bedroom and use it to be a night light. You can stick this sensor porch light to the stair. Once you pass by, the light would turn on. Add a sense of ritual for your every motion. Also, you could take it and go anywhere to use it to be a flashlight. Recommend that you buy more little magnets and stick them in the wall, and you could move that everywhere.HiyaaHome Magnet Motion Sensor Light

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