Harvest Window 7 Gallon Garden Boxes

Hiyaa Home 3 Pcs 7 Gallon Garden Boxes Vegetable Peanut Growing Box Bucket Pot for Nursery Garden – All the boxs have a harvest window(can open) to harvest crops.

Breathable Box Make The Plants Healthier

Unlike many other planter box, our raised planter boxes which is made by high-end non-woven fabric can not only ensure the air to circulate better, let the roots get more oxygen to glow.

But also let the excess water flow out quickly which can avoid many damages of bacterial reproduction and root rot.

Make your plants healthier.

7 Gallon Garden Box

How To Use

Pour up half bag with premixed fertilizer-containing soil. Ready to sow the plant seed.

Plant 4-6 of plant seed about 4 inches deep.

Cover more soil over the seeds. You can water it or observe the growth of plants through the visual window.

Harvest the food from the visual window, you can take the big one and let the small one keep growing.

Suitable For Many Plants

They could be used in the planting of Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Peanuts, Yams, and many other vegetables.

With the visualization vecro window, you can ensure the growing condition of the plants which help you to estimate the date of harvest accurately.

Wonderful Detail

Twice side of raised planter has been reinforced, never worry about the soil inside would be pour out when you move the plants.

Easy for you to move the planter everywhere.

What’s more, this raised planter boxes have a visual window for you.

Never about the soil would pour out through the window, we equipped Hook & Loop around the window.

When you don’t want to observe or harvest this wonderful food, you could close the window.

Help you harvest accurately on the premise of protecting the stability in the plants

Where To Use

With it’s easy to move and durable material, you could plant your seed everywhere you want.

Suitable for patios or small garden, such as balcony, sun room. Decorate your house with this wonderful planter.

Easy for you to move it to different position.

Recommend that use a LED Grow Light to irradiate your plants if you want your plants grow faster than before.

7 Gallon Garden Box

Reusable & Durable

As it’s made by breathable non-oven fabric, which is durable and folding.

Not only about 5-8 years.

What’s more,this non-toxic fabric is degradable, you don’t need to worry about the pollution.

You could clean it up and fold it up during off-season or not in use.

Convenient for you to storage it and never worry about the space.

You can stand upright easily, but also has a long service life.

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