How Do We Pick And Test Food Storage Containers

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In reporting this guide, we spoke with five experts from recipe editors to glass scientists: Nancy Hopkins, senior grocery and entertainment editor of “Better Homes.”

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Faith Durand, then executive editor, is now the chief editor of Kitchn; Michele Thomas, then executive editor of the International Culinary Center (now a sommelier, wine educator and writer); Jane Cook Dr. (Jane Cook), was the chief scientist at the Corning Museum of Glass at the time; Dr. William C. LaCourse, Professor of Glass Engineering Science, New York University Alfred University.

After years of research and testing, we know that whether you choose glass or plastic, a good container should meet the following conditions:

Sealing and leak proofing:

“If you plan to keep something, what you want is something that is truly sealed, if you plan to keep a little bit,” Nancy Hopkins, senior grocery and entertainment editor at Better Homes & Gardens, told us. A good seal not only allows the food to last longer, but the leak-proof structure is also important for transporting liquids.

Stain resistance:

Resistance to stains and odors is key-you don’t want to smell or see yesterday’s pasta and red soy sauce on the container. Plastic containers are easier to stain than glass, but we have found that some containers are more resistant to contamination than others.

Easy to clean:

We want a container that can be placed in the dishwasher.

In order to facilitate cleaning, we recommend using containers with sealable lids with removable gaskets, because you can remove and clean them separately (this also prevents mold buildup).

And we avoid lids with microwave vents; they are just another part to be unlocked, you’d better remove the latch and place the lid on top of the container in the microwave (or don’t use the lid recommended by some manufacturers at all) ).

Easy to stack and store:

Containers that can be nested or stacked neatly will be easier to store and beautiful.

And the shape and size will affect the ease of storage of the container-square or rectangular containers will maximize the space of the refrigerator or freezer.

We try to choose a wide range of scenery from large to small, focusing on saving rectangular or square shapes.

However, we did not eliminate the circle, because the circle can be used for liquid food.

We also prefer glass and plastic kits with interchangeable lids between containers, so finding the right lid will be easier.

Thermal safety:

We hope that the container can be placed in a microwave oven to avoid the use of stainless steel.

For glass containers, we also prefer the option of preheating oven-safe or oven-safe so that you can heat food in the same container.


The container should be transparent or easy to see, so you can understand its contents without opening the container.

Therefore, we avoid the use of ceramic containers (they are also easy to break).

Moderate price:

The price of plastic or glass containers ranges from $3 to $10 each.

The containers in a group are generally cheaper.

Although price is a factor in our choice of products, we also believe that glass containers can be used for a long time.

Keep in mind that most manufacturers include both containers and lids in the total.

Therefore, if a set sells 14 or 16 pieces, you will actually only get 7 or 8 containers. In fact, a set of 14 or 16 pieces is not practical.

Our 2021 test is based on the tests of previous years. We test for leaks by filling the dishwasher-filled container with water and shaking the container.

Fridge Organizer Case

In order to test how the container retains the smell and stains, we filled it with tomato sauce, placed it in the refrigerator for 5 days, placed it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, and then reheated it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Before reheating, we also checked the refrigerator burning pattern of frozen tomato sauce, which indicates how tightly the container is sealed.

We then immersed all the lids in a large bowl of tomato sauce for 48 hours, and then passed them through the dishwasher for additional stain and odor testing.

Usability is important in containers. We considered how easy it is to open and close each set of containers, how well they are stacked, and how their shapes and sizes are suitable for different types of food.

Therefore, our product Food Storage Containers has withstood the test, and the quality and capacity are excellent.

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