How To Make Wild Bird Food Feeder?

Environmental Protection: We teach you to make hand-made wild bird food feeders so that the birds no longer go hungry!

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Invite some visitors to your backyard this spring to visit these DIY bird feeders. The weather has just started to warm, but some natural sourced foods for birds may not be fully available. Why not help them make a bird feeder by hand?

Birds need to eat constantly to replenish their physical fitness.

Help them through the days to come

Bird friends with strong hands-on ability can also make a simple feeder and hang it outside.

How to make a bird feeder? The following are the steps of diy bird feeder:

  • Production tools: screwdriver, clean mineral water bottle (must have a lid), discarded paper box, plastic rope, scissors

bird feeds preparebird feeds prepare

  • Then remove the lid and use a screwdriver to make a small hole in the middle of the lid
  • Then pass through the rope and tie the rope into a strong knot on the inside

  • First cut with a knife and then use scissors to make a cut according to the width of the cardboard
  • Put the previously cut carton in.

  • Then fill it with food, such as millet, rice, packaged grain seeds, etc. Birds love it very much.
  • Finally, put the homemade bird feeder in a place where birds frequent, and you’re done

Remember to put food regularly

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