Portable Dog Shower For Pet Health

The portable pet dog washing device comes as a multi-faceted stick that attaches to your shower for simple cleaning or can be connected to an outdoor device such as a hose pipe.

It is an expert quality pet shower that enables individuals to hair shampoo, rinse, and also clean.

The portable pet shower comes with spray head, lug strap as well as lockable on/off flow control handle.

Their purpose created pet dog showers pump water from a water tank up to a brush shower head making cleansing you canine easy and fast.

HiyaaHome 360° Dog Shower Kit

An additional multipurpose portable dog shower, this version from Hiyaahome incorporates efficiency as well as convenience of use perfectly and also is great for any person living in remote locations or where they enter into direct contact with nature often.

HiyaaHome 360° Dog Shower Kit

HiyaaHome Portable Dog Shower 360 Dog Shower

HiyaaHome Portable Dog Shower 360 Dog Shower Kit for outdoor, indoor, Shower Sprayer Kit For Pets

[Clean Up Quickly]

If your pet is afraid of water and unwilling to take a shower, it could be a big challenge when you want to help them to take a shower.

However, if your pet does not clean regularly, your pet would be smelly with its hair, and it could get sick with something like urine, stool or other stains you don’t clean up timely.

No more worry now! HiyaaHome Dog Shower Kit helps you clean up your pet in a few minutes.

Ring-shaped hollow tubes help you clean up your dog at 360°; all the dogs, no matter big or small, could use it with the circle is an adjustable design.

[Professional Design]

You can adjust the water flow for a custom fit and flexible which avoids water waste efficiently.

Equipped with a siphon system where is fill with shampoo for you, it helps you reduce the use of cleaning agents for a healthier body and better environmental protection.

An ergonomic handle with a non-slip cover delivers comfortable and secure grips even when your hands get wet by water.

[Disassemble & Portable]

Dog Shower Kit is detachable design, help you store and carry it conveniently.

Do not waste your personal space when you don’t use it.

[Easy To Use] 

Just fill it with shampoo, connect to any hose(US & EU standard both could work), and wash your pets from head to toe.

[Multi Application]

Not only could be used at the house but also could be used in the home, pet hospital, pet salon, farm and so on.

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