Flex Toilet Brush With Drying Holder For Narrow Space


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  • Material: TPR + PP
  • Color: White, Pink, Blue, Green
  • Item Weight: 0.26kg / 0.57 lbs / 9.17 oz
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Silicone Toilet Bowl Brush With Non-slip Long Handle, Best Toilet Brush Wall Mounting, Toilet Brush Holder

[CONVENIENTLY CLEAN DEAD CORNER] The pointed and flat brush head is designed to better clean all corners of the commode bowl by bending the brush head to various angles.

[FAST DRYING HOLDER] Pack with a breathable & stable holder base, it is good for ventilation and keeps the base cleaning. There is an air vent at the bottom, and there will be no accumulation of water beneath. It can dry rapidly and maintain hygiene better.

[NO SPRINKLING & QUICK DRYING] The unclosed design base promotes ventilation and can quickly vaporize excess water on the Toilet Bowl Brush. The unique built-in drip drawer can prevent water stains from polluting the floor, and it is extremely simple to take out and clean.

[EXTENSIVELY USED AND WALL-MOUNTED ] To clean up commode, bathtubs, washbasins and sink, appropriate for all-ceramic plastic glass surfaces. The compact toilet brush is suitable for toilets or sinks in narrow spaces. There is tape on the side of the toilet brush holder, which can be hung on the wall surface to save space. Or put it on the floor. Good helper in the bathroom.

[CHOSEN MATERIAL] Soft TPR, silicone bristles have excellent cleaning ability, can go into the edge of the toilet seat, deep clean, will not damage the porcelain glaze. The PP thickened base material is strong and will not tip over, and it can also be hung on the wall. Durable PP handles with great grip. Simply one touch, you can perfectly clean new stains.

Q & A

Q: Is the cleaning effect good?

A: The biggest advantage of this design is that it can clean difficult points faster and easier. The grip is particularly good and will not hurt the toilet.


Q: Whether the toilet brush can be used for a long time

A: The toughness is very good and can be used for a long time.

Flex Toilet BrushFlex Toilet BrushFlex Toilet BrushFlex Toilet Brush Flex Toilet BrushFlex Toilet Brush Flex Toilet Brush Flex Toilet BrushFlex Toilet Brush

2 reviews for Flex Toilet Brush With Drying Holder For Narrow Space

  1. Victoria Angelina

    The cleaning effect is very good. The actual product is the same as the picture. I bought the wall-mounted type. I really like the function of being able to dry the brush. I don’t have to worry about too much bacteria in the toilet.

  2. Chris Ford

    The brush is moderate in hardness and can really reach the four corners. The design is very space-saving. I highly recommend this product.

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Flex Toilet Brush

Flex Toilet Brush With Drying Holder For Narrow Space

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