Hiyaahome 13L Slim Plastic Trash Can With Press Top Lid


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  • Wide opening with a slim body, you can throw trashes into the can naturally without having a look, and suitable for most size of gap.
  • Easy to use, you could tie up your trash quickly without touching the trash.(Buy one get 40 pieces of Trash Bag)
  • Privacyproof & waterproof, could be used in indoor or outdoor. Especially for Cafe, Office, or other public places.
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Hiyaahome Large Household With Lid, 13L Slim Plastic For Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom In Two Type

[Slim Body With Wide Opening] Rectangular Design, which could be a compact size, this bathroom trash can is slim enough to fit in the gap between toilet and wall. The width of trash can is 16 cm, even the gap is small, you could put the can inside. Thanks to this feature, we can make the best use of spaces. With a wide opening, you can naturally throw trashes into it naturally by your habitual movement without having a look on it.

[Pack Your Trash Easily] The most special design of this trash can is we can pack up the trash just by a movement of pulling, the trash bag will be tie up by your movement. In other words, you can take the trash out and tie the opening of the trash bag up at a same time. This can help you tie up the bag without touching the trash, reduce the possibility of touching the bacteria.

[Durable & Waterproof] Made by Eco-friendly ABS, which is high-quality and lightweight. With this durable material, the trash is uneasy to deformation. Never worry about the damage may caused during the delivering. With it’s waterproof and uneasy to deformation even in hot temperature, this garbage can not only could be used in indoor like bathroom, kitchen, and so on, but also could be use in outdoor like garden, patio, lawn.

[Protect The Privacy For You] There are two type of trash can cabinet for you to select. The privacyproof one could protect your privacy perfectly. The privacyproof one help blocking most sight of trash inside the can. Recommend that Office, Cafe and Art Gallery, or living room use this trash can to build a better image from small changes for your customers or stuffs. Think about that, have you ever feel sick when you saw the disgusting waste in toilet, some of them even smelly. Choose this trash can with lid to reduce the embarrassment.

[How To Use]

  1.  Put the bag inside: Remove the lid of the trash can and put the trash bag into the can, remember to turn the opening of the bag over the opening of can. Then close the trash can with the top lid.
  2.  If you want to throw trashes, press the lid gently and press again after throwing.
  3.  Pull the strap of the garbage bag and you would get a tied up trash. All you need to do is discard the trash.

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More Detail

Color: White

Material: Eco-friendly ABS

Item Weight: 1.2 KG / 2.65 lbs

Capacity: 13 L / 3.4 US gpm / 2.9 UK gpm

Item Size: 32*32*16 cm / 12.6*12.6*6.3 in

Including: 1 x Trash Can 30 x Disposable Garbage Bags


If you have any questions about our Slim Plastic Trash Can, please contact us for free, we will provide you with a 100% satisfactory solution.

8 reviews for Hiyaahome 13L Slim Plastic Trash Can With Press Top Lid

  1. Jazz

    After two days of using, I feel good and the toilet has no bad smell. It’s really good.

  2. Molly

    I bought two of them, hope that they are durable.

  3. Nichole

    This trash can looks very elegant and practical.

  4. López

    It’s easy to use, it really gives you privacy, it’s great. The quality of goods is also very good, the material seems to be ABS, very environmental protection. It’s a good experience of purchasing

  5. Rebeca

    I bought two, one for the bedroom and one for the bathroom. The privacy one I put in the bathroom and it fits perfectly. The buckets look timeless and it’s great to be able to pack without touching the trash. Friends are asking me to buy links to me

  6. Sharon

    Appearance is very good looking and it is easy to use. Even my picky husband say overvalued. Very contracted design, I think that is suitable for all kinds of decoration style. Highly recommended!

  7. anna

    Very smart indeed, and very sensitive to people’s privacy needs. Suitable for young people. The quality of the goods is very good, the trash can itself is not heavy, and the appearance level is very high. I think it is worth buying.

  8. Doo

    The small privacy cover in the middle is so humanized, the button is smooth and easy to open or close. It is very convenient to use in the toilet. The overall appearance is very good, the plastic bucket body is smooth and textured, and the packing function is also very good! The price is also very affordable

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Hiyaahome 13L Slim Plastic Trash Can With Press Top Lid

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