Hiyaahome 2 Pack 41*18*6 inch Underbed Storage Containers

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  • Large Opening Design, Easy For You To Access
  • Foldable Material, Easy For You To Storage
  • Transparent Lid, Help You Put Your Things In Order Easily
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Hiyaahome Under Bed Storage For Clothes, Blankets, Shoes, Document. Foldable & Lightweight Containers, Large Capacity For Storage

[Organize Your Things Easily] There is a transparent lid, you can know the thing inside the drawer easily. If you are looking for something, you could know your thing if it was there or not just by a quick glance. This dust-proof design also keep your thing much cleaner than at closet. In addition, there is a handle outside the drawer, you can pull them from under the bed when you use it. Never worry about it would be broken as it’s strong stitching and zipper and high-quality materials.

Under Bed Container

Under Bed Container

Under Bed Container

[Foldable & Lightweight] From these years, we pay many attention about how to save our spaces better. We don’t want it to be a difficult for you to storage this drawers. Sometime, you may want to carry this useful drawers when you move house. We take all kinds of problem into account when we design this bag. So we use lightweight fabric, but wearable bottom. The whole drawer are foldable. If you want to storage it or take it to somewhere, just fold it. Each drawer only weigh 185g / 6.5oz, convenient for you to take it anywhere.

[Large Capacity] The dimension of each drawer is 41*18*6inch, and each containers could holds 69 Liters/18.4 Gallons. Easy could hold large comforter or more than 20 articles of clothing such as Jackets, sweater, jeans easily. Not only for clothes, you could storage anything you want inside. You can storage the blankets or the pillows, shoes, books, toys or any other thing. It could handle all types of storage needs as it’s sturdy construction.

[Take Full Use Of Space] You could put this drawers under your bed and optimized your bedroom better. Sometime the comforter which for replacement are too more or too big to the closet. We even don’t know when could we put the clothes into closet if we buy new clothes. You don’t need to worry now. As it’s large capacity drawer, you could put the comforter inside the containers and you would get more space for your new clothes. Also you could use one container to storage the comforter you need frequently and put your out-of-season clothes or shoes inside the other one. Never about it could hard for you, the opening of the drawer is big enough for you to put the things inside easily.

Note: Due to manual measurement, the value may deviate, but we guarantee that difference will not exceed 0.5inch. Only suitable for the bed which is higher than


More Detail:

Color: Grey

Capacity: 69 Liters / 18.4 Gallons

Item Weight: 185g / 6.5oz / 0.41lbs

Material: Non-woven Fabric + 0.25mm Thickness PVC

Item Dimension: 103*45*15cm / 41*18*6inch

Q & A

Q: What is the clearance height?
A: The containers are about 5¾ inches tall, and will clear a 6” bed frame comfortably. Please keep in mind if stuffed full of comforters or clothes, the middle could bulge higher.

If you have any questions, please be free to contact us. We’ll reply within 24 hrs and try our best to help you.

3 reviews for Hiyaahome 2 Pack 41*18*6 inch Underbed Storage Containers

  1. Aly

    I love these drawers! They have a sturdy bottom and sturdy sides that keep everything under the bed and don’t fall off or spill over when zipped up.

  2. Brooke Gross

    Oh my God! I can say a lot about this, but I’ll try to keep it brief. Amazing flip! I used to have a giant Tupperware that could slide under the bed on wheels, but moving it was a nightmare and a pain (I move a lot), and I think eventually my husband broke it on purpose. When I first started looking I knew I wanted to go with some cloth and foldable because I would often move it, then a miracle happened, I found this product and then bought it. Super easy to “assemble” and to use immediately. The packing is first class. I love the box and the cat, as well as the super thick plastic wrapped in the box, which is waterproof in any incline of weather (it rained heavily on my side of the house the day it arrived). Will try the update in a few months!


    I searched all the boxes where I could store things. This is it! ! It has a fabric colored cardboard that just becomes the bottom. I bought 12 of them (6 packs of 2) and I use them to store our DVD collection. Each box can store 125-130. If it’s blue, more. It took me 12 boxes to fit 1,600 DVDs.

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Under Bed Container

Hiyaahome 2 Pack 41*18*6 inch Underbed Storage Containers

$32.99 $55.99