Hiyaahome 2021 Window Bird Feeder

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  • Power Suction Cups: Stay In The Same Place Even In Extreme Weather
  • Eco-friendly Material: Durable & Safe For You
  • Transparent Window Feeder: Always Could Find The Good View To Observe The Little Sprite
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Window Bird Feeder With Strong Suction Cup & Seed Tray For Birds In Garden, Yard

[The Best Close Up View For You] With it was made by high transparency acrylic, you can watch the birds just indoor. You can observe at the birds, enjoy or record every time they flapping, eating, and singing. You won’t scare away the birds as long as you do not make any big movement.

Bird feeder

[Clean Up Easily] In these years, we aim to find a product which can convenient for you while meeting your needs. We surprised the we can found this high-end bird feeder. Equipped with a removable tray help you clean up the feeder easily and quickly. If you want to discard the debris or the old seeds, all you need to do is just simply remove the tray. If you want to clean up the feeder completely, we suggest that use a wet towel to wipe down the surface. You can remove the dust or other you want to discard by this way. We also made a drain holes in the tray which could keep the seed from staying wet efficient.

Bird Feeder

[Suitable For Many Types Of Window] In order to serve different bird lovers that different types of window, we equipped with three big and strong suction cups for each feeder. Grip your window tightly. With this powerful suction, the feeder could never fall even in extreme weather.

Bird Feeder

[Large Capacity For Bids] This easy pull and easy remove tray feeder could hold twice as many seeds. It can hold up to 4 cups of bird seed. Twice as many seeds, you don’t always have to refill your bird feeder. What’s more, there are three grid on the tray, you can feed many types birds at the same time.

Bird Feeder

[Get Along With Bird Safely] You can watch the birds and listen to the beautiful songs of the birds when you are eating, working, cleaning and so on. You can close to nature comfortably all the times.


More Detail

Color: Transparent

Weight: 0.45 KG/ 1 lbs

Material: Eco-ABS

Package Dimensions: 1 x box with 1 x Feeder inside

If you have any problems about our high-end bird feeder, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours. Hope you have a good time with those little birds. We can’t wait to hear about the joy you receive from feeding the birds outside your window. 

13 reviews for Hiyaahome 2021 Window Bird Feeder

  1. Magolia

    I used to have a windowed feeder with a one-way mirror so the birds wouldn’t get spooked. It has a lot of traffic, but birds have a hard time seeing through the colored mirror on the back. That one was broken. I decided to try this one. It gets as much traffic, and probably more, than a mirror. As long as the people in the room are still and the lights are off, the birds are not frightened and many details of them are easier to see through the clear plastic… It holds more feed than my previous feeder, and the birds seem to like the black rubber perch. Highly recommended.

  2. Lexi

    This is the second window bird feeder I’ve bought. I prefer this design, and my first one had a sliding tray that the birds would push out and pour out the seeds. This tray has to be taken out. It’s easy to take the tray out and clean it. I got a lot of fun out of this feeder.

  3. JoJo

    This bird feeder is awesome. The suckers are so strong that they can’t fall out of a window unless you mean to, but even if you wanted to, it wouldn’t be easy. Except for the top, which needs to be cleaned from time to time, most of the plastic seems to remain bright and transparent. The pallet can be removed from the feeder and has holes for drainage. There was also a divider on the plate for three different kinds of bird seed, but I just used the same one. At first, I had low hopes that the feeder would succeed, because it took the birds a while to find it. However once spotted, however, the birds return every few minutes. I need to refuel the feeder every day. This will be a great gift for people who love nature. Watching it calms me down, and my lazy cat was amused for hours. It’s important to know that birds can see you just as easily as you can see them. In my experience, if they are feeding and you try to get close to them, they will see you and fly away. Overall, this is a good purchase!!

  4. Anthony Mancuso

    This feeder hints at some protective measures. So we put the feeder higher up in the window to deal with the squirrels, and it did a pretty good job, and the squirrels didn’t come at all, so we saw more birds seed here

  5. Wim

    It took the birds about a week to find it. But when they finally did, they loved it. The sucker is very strong. This thing can’t fall out of your window.Some suggestions:- I’ll put this on the grass/mulch window below. I first put it in the window on the deck, which was covered with sunflower shells and bird droppings.- I also put it higher off the ground. When I put ours on deck, the window was low and a raccoon was eating in it. It’s cute, but I don’t want to attract a raccoon.

  6. Bryan

    This is exactly what I wanted! It took the birds two days to find it and they were happy to see it. As you can see in my picture, the squirrel didn’t get close to it.

  7. Karen

    It took a few weeks, but these little birds have been coming to our bird feeder regularly. Today, we have an unexpected guest. Still wondering how he got there. (See photo) But will order some more, be it birds or squirrels, they are too cute.

  8. Desiree Reyes

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks. And here is a femail cardian which I love it very much! Because of the feeder’s position, it doesn’t experience bad weather or strong winds. The cardinal was on the feeder for several hours today and didn’t even there is no seeds! But just with me. I love this feeder!

  9. Jae

    The bird feeder did a good job. I clean the window, I clean the sucker with alcohol, let it try, slightly moisten it with water, and then push the sucker firmly against the window to suck out all the air. Then I let it sit overnight, and then I loaded the tray with bird seed. The next day a lot of birds came, and one of them pecked at the black one with his beak and stuck to it without any problem. I wound clean nylon bead string in the hole where the sucker was, made the string long enough to extend into the window, secured the anchor at the end, and closed the window. It doesn’t need it, but there isn’t any adverse weather, so I’ll keep it for now just to be safe. It should be noted that no instructions are included here, but hopefully this article will give you some idea. Overall, I was very happy with the purchase!

  10. Cilne

    This is probably my favorite Amazon purchase of all time! I’m a big fan of bird feeders, so when I saw this product, I thought, sure, it’s cheap enough, I’m going to try it out and I wasn’t expecting much, but I was impressed

  11. Dennis

    This feeder is very well made and has very, very strong suction.

  12. Sawyer

    Like everyone else, I was in an endless battle with the squirrels in the feeder. It didn’t make any difference, but now I don’t mind at all because I can see hysterical squirrel acrobatics. If I had a cat I’m sure they would love this and I highly recommend it to anyone!

  13. Terry Macri

    After I got this, I wanted to see where I wanted to stick it to the kitchen window, so I stuck it to the window and had a look. Luckily, it was exactly where I wanted it. It’s stuck too fast. I can’t get it off. I tried to wet the sucker, but I couldn’t get it off the window. I tried it and saw it pulling at the window. I think it’s where it is.

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Window Bird Feeder

Hiyaahome 2021 Window Bird Feeder

$25.99 $45.99