Hiyaahome 4 PCS Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

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  • Adjustable Velcro, suitable for many types of tent or tent
  • Waterproof & Durable material
  • Large capacity, make your canopy much stable in the wind
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Hiyaahome 4 Pieces Black Sand Bag For Canopy Weight Tent, Black, 1680D Waterproof coating, Adjustable Velcro, Universal Applicability, Hold Up To 13 KG

[High Quality Material] The bags are made by durable fabric. There are two layer in the bag. The first layer is a 1680D polyester fabric coating which is waterproof. Never about the raining when you using it. The second layer is made by oxford fabric which made the bag tough enough to stand up in any weather if you fill it up. Suitable for you to use in all seasons with it’s waterproof and durable material.

Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

[Professional Design] Equipped with adjustable Velcro, all the tent/canopy with it’s leg size from 15mm to 50mm could use this bag to fix. What’s more, the bag make your tent or your canopy more stable even in the extreme weather with it’s high quality Velcro. You could stick the legs of the canopy tightly with it’s adjustable Velcro. Fix your tent better.

Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

[Universal Weight Bags] You could filled the bag with sand, rock, snow, or any available material nearby. Please be ease even you just have some bottles, fill them with water and you could fill the bag now. All material could be put in the bag. It’s so convenient for you to use the bags. You could use it when you using a pop up tent, canopy, Pop Up Shelter, Camping Sun Shelters, Sports Umbrella, Trampoline, or other tents need to be stable.

Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

[Could Be Used In All Year] Have you ever annoyed by the wind shaking your canopy tent? It seems that your tent would become fragile in the big wind. In summer, when we just want to enjoy the cool feeling which bring by the wind, however, the tent be blow away. In winter, when we just want to display something for people, the tent begin to “walk away” by itself. All make us upset. However, you could never afraid of the wind now with this powerful bags! There are 13 kg in each legs of the tent, you could do you job at ease under the canopy! Never worry about the wind. It could help your tent stand in a place stably and never run away in the windy day no matter in Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Get one set & make your canopy much powerful.

Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

More Detail:

Color: Black

Capacity: Hold Up To: 13 kg / 28.66 lbs(each bag)

Item Dimensions: 44*41 cm / 17.32*16.15 in

Item Weight: 0.175 kg / 0.386 lbs / 6.17 oz

Material: 1680D Polyester Fabric Coating + Oxford Fabric +


Q & A

Q: Do I have to fill the bags?

A: Yes you do. I bought a bag of sand.


Q: Could I simply fill each bag with water instead of sand?

A: put gallon ziplock bag in first, this should hold enough water.


If you have any questions, please be free to contact us. We’ll reply within 24 hrs and try our best to help you.



2 reviews for Hiyaahome 4 PCS Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

  1. Friedman

    In case anyone is wondering, it’s just bags. You need to buy sand separately. I can fill four bags with 60 pounds of all-purpose sand, which holds the ceiling in place in strong winds. I will probably buy some 34″ zip ties to secure them because I will be leaving here forever. I’ll see if it can withstand the Florida weather and update the review if necessary.

  2. Que

    These bags work great! We bought a 10×10 canopy for the beach holiday. I ordered these weights for the beach. The children filled them with sand. We used them on a dangerous (windy) beach day in Michigan and my canopy didn’t move. Easy to fill and empty, and once cleared it doesn’t take up much space.

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Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

Hiyaahome 4 PCS Canopy Weight Tent Sand Bags

$25.99 $36.99