Hiyaahome 5Pcs Upgraded Cool Protection Stand 3D Mask Bracket


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  • Unique design help you breathe much comfortable than before
  • Food Graded Silicone, Protect your skin from oil and reusable
  • Bring you a cool summer


Hiyaahome Upgraded Face Mask Inner Support Frame, Breathing Cup, Keep Fabric Away From Your Mouth, Lipstick Protector, Washable & Reusable

3D Mask Bracket

[Unique Design] The bracket is a unique and friendly facial wearable design, which keep you cool even you wearing a mask in the hot summer. The bracket bring you more space for speaking or smoking. Never worry that you would feel uncomfortable when you breathing with it’s ventilated design.

3D Mask Bracket

3D Mask Bracket

[Cooler In Summer] Are the condition of the skin on your face became much worse than before since the COVID-19 Outbreak? The acne always came out to the face and we have no idea about it. Your face could get rescue now! The bracket not only could reduce the friction between the mask and your face but also keep your beautiful make up better. No more oil in the big summer.

3D Mask Bracket

[Mild Material] The 3D mask bracket is made by food grade silicone, which is smooth and soft. If could restore in a second no matter you twist it in any shape before. You could wash the bracket and it will dry fast with it’s smooth material. You could use it many time as long as you wash it regularly.


[How To Use]

  1. Take a mask and a bracket
  2. Pu the bracket on the inner face of the mask
  3. Place the earstring of the disposable mask through the frame of bracket
  4. Wear the mask as usual.

3D Mask Bracket

More Detail:

Item Weight(Each Piece):

  • Normal: 8 g / 0.28 oz
  • Upgraded: 14.8 g / 0.52 oz

Color: White, Blue

Type: Normal, Upgraded

Quantity: 5 Pcs

Material: Food Grade Silicone

If you have any problems about our Silicone Mask Bracket, please contact us for free, we will try our best to solve the problem within 24 hours.

2 reviews for Hiyaahome 5Pcs Upgraded Cool Protection Stand 3D Mask Bracket

  1. Yena

    It is very suitable for people like me who often stick the mask to their nose because of talking, and the inner layer of the bracket is empty. It fits well inside the mask, it’s not heavy, and it’s very comfortable. In this way, you don’t have to always pull the mask cloth around your nose. It’s hygienic.

  2. Lane

    After wearing this frame, the brrathing is much smoother than befor. Sweat will not paste on the nose any more, the mask is also very tight around, no gap. It feels good and is very comfortable to use.

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3D Mask Bracket

Hiyaahome 5Pcs Upgraded Cool Protection Stand 3D Mask Bracket

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