Hiyaahome Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap

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  • Safe For Pets & Kids

  • Could be used in many places: indoors, outdoors, Barn, Garage and so on.

  • Easy To Install & Auto Reset, Improve the efficiency of rat trapping

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Hiyaahome Upgraded Bucket Rat Trap, Multi Catch, Humane Or Fatal, Auto-reset, Large Capacity, Could Not Escape Set For Outdoor Or Indoor


Mouse Trap

[Safe For Pet/Kids] For these years we saw too much injured cases of pet by some rat traps. Some are crushed by the mouse-trap, some are killed by eating rat poison by mistake. We feel sorry about this pretty dogs or cats and aim to find some rat trap set without hurting your pets. So we find this pet friendly and humane rat traps. By using this mouse trap, you could catch the rat or mouse by just enticing them climb the ramp and them they would fall into the bucket and could not escape. Even your pets close to the bucket or play with the bucket, they are safe. What’s more this lid is made by non-toxic and durable material, if your dogs like to bait something, it’s okay for them.

Rat Trap

[Auto Reset] Once a mouse fallen into the bucket, the Flip N Slide Counter Weighted Plank will lay flat again and wait for the next greedy mouse. With this automatically resets, you don’t need to clean up the bucket immediately when you catch a mouse. If you fill the bucket with water, you don’t even worry about the mice would be alive when you deal with this pest. All you need to do about cleaning up is simply release or dump your intruders outside and you could set up the trap again.

Humanitarian Mouse Trap

[Could be Used In Many Places] With this useful and pet/children friendly live rat trap, you can put this set to indoor especially in kitchen, and catch this greedy mouses; you can put it to outdoor, such as garden, patio, lawn and so on, where could hide this rat perfectly and you are uneasy to find out. Put it to barn or garage or shed also is a nice choice. Help you to protect your house better.

Where To Use This Rat Trap

[How To Set A Rat Trap]

  1. Bait the trap by spreading peanut butter under the front side of the bucket lid
  2. Snap the trap on a standard sized 5 Gallon Bucket
  3. Assemble the provided ramp, press the two tabs into the slot located on the side of the lid
  4. Place the trap along a wall where mouses are active

If you want to make your outdoor rat traps lethal for mice, you could fill the bucket 1/2 way up with water or oil. Never worry about it would hurt your pets or your kids with water. But could kill the mouse.

Note: The 5 gallon bucket is not included. Pick up a 5-Gal Bucket for as low as $2.96 at your local (Home Depot, Lowes, ace hardware or even Walmart)

Rat/ Mouse TrapRat/ Mouse Trap

More Detail:

Item Weight: 291 g / 10.25 oz

Color: Black & Yellow; As Picture

Item Dimension: 12* 12* 3 inches

Target Species: Mouse, Rat


  • 1 x Flip & Slide Bucket Lid
  • 1 x Flip & Slide Counter Weighted Plank
  • 1 x Piece Ramp
  • 1 x Instructional Guide

Mouse Trap

Q & A

Q: Doesn’t the bait fall in with the mouse? Would you have to reload every time?
A: You don’t put any bait on the slip and slide (flipper). The bait, peanut butter, is put on the underside of the “tunnel”. that way the balance of the slip and slide isn’t messed with and the bait stays put over time.

Q: Will this work on chipmunks?
A: You can catch any type of small rodent, Given you use the correct bait.

If you have any questions, please be free to contact us. We’ll reply within 24 hrs and try our best to help you.

2 reviews for Hiyaahome Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap

  1. Muisy

    Very good, I found a big bucket, trapped the mice, they couldn’t escape at all. Highly recommended!

  2. Parki

    I put it in the warehouse. The warehouse is the most rat-recruiting place. I prepared the bait one night in advance and arranged everything. There were 10 rats in the morning, which is really useful. I will buy another one in the backyard.

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Flip N Slide Bucket Rat Trap

Hiyaahome Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap

$29.99 $41.99