Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball


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  • Sound & Touch sensitive, more participation when you using it.
  • Special craft make a safe & durable magic lamp.
  • Help your kids pay much attention in STEM.
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Hiyaahome Plasma Ball, 5/6/8 inches Lightning Plasma Ball, Magic Electrostatic Sphere, Touch & Sound Sensitive Plasma Lamp, Great Gift For Children, Adult In Parties, Home Decoration

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

Welcome to magic house, let me introduce you to a magic lamp which we latest discovery–Plasma Ball! Once you touch the spheroid glass, the ball would responds to your touch, emitting light wherever your fingertips go. Not only for this one function, but also sound sensitive. If you are interested in this Plasma Globes, please follow me and I will show you the charming of this ball.

[Responds To Your Touch] Slide the switch to “ON” Position, the Plasma Ball would turn on and light up. The plasma in ball would move and shine. Once you touch the ball, the plasma sphere would responds your touch and send rays of lights wherever your fingertips go. On the dark, you are the enchanter, who is control the light of ball. The ball is shining by you want.

[Sound Sensitive] This Plasma Ball not only emitting light and follow your fingertip but also responds to music. Slide the switch to “AUDIO” position, the plasma lamp would light up with rhythm.

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

[How Does It Works] When you touch the sphere, the light inside the ball is changing by your fingertips, and shoot a wonderful light from the center. Work in a scientific principles. When the light gather with your fingertips, science like your fingers are magical. Make your kid interested in science and improve the ability of STEM while they are watching and playing with this magic ball.

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

[Safe Material] The Plasma ball is made by a Fibrous Hard Glass which is thicker than normal glass. Never worry about the sphere broke even it’s a glass. The button is made by Eco-friendly ABS plastic, which is tough and durable. This non-toxic button make you be ease when you give this magic ball for your kids. There are many holes on the board which help heat dissipation and make the ball longer life.

[Reduce The Pollution Of Air] The plasma could neutralize the static in the air. Which reduce the pollution of air efficiently. Fresh the air while you playing with it. Bring you a healthier environment.

[Great Decoration] With it’s light up feature, you can put it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. You also can use it to cosplay witch in Halloween or cosplay party.

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

[Surprising Present] With it’s scientific feature, you could bring this funny ball for your kids which could teach them more about STEM. You can surprise you friends with this magical ball. Great present for birthday, Halloween,all the festival for your kids, friends, couples. As the light could be moved easily, everyone could be an enchanter.

[How To Use] Slide the button to left, and you could turn off the light; slide the button in the middle, and you could turn on the light; Slide the button to right, and it could be a sound sensitive mode.

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball


More Detail:

Material: Glass + PVC

Type: 5 inches,6 inches,8 inches

Power Supply Mode: USB Charging / Battery(Not Include)

Item Dimension:

  • 5 inches: 12.7*12.7*21.3
  • 6 inches: 12.7*12.7*25
  • 8 inches: 20*20*29

Item Weight:

  • 5 inches: 0.51kg/1.124lbs
  • 6 inches: 0.46kg/1.014lbs
  • 8 inches: 0.629kg/1.38lbs

1 review for Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

  1. Lindsay

    perfect! My son loves it! He asked me how it works, and I told him based on the description.

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Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

Hiyaahome Latest Plasma Ball

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