HiyaaHome Nut Splitter Tool Set

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  • Shape blades, tough enough to break the most nut
  • Anti-rust coating bring you a long service life
  • Recommend that by all of them. Suitable for all nuts within 9-27 mm.
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HiyaaHome Heavy Duty Nut Remover Set, Broken Damaged Screw Nut Removal Splitting Tools Rusted Broken Damaged Corroded Stuck Nut Removing Splitting Tool

[Professional Nut Removal Tool] Hardened steel blades are tough and shape enough to break the nut easily. Forged and matte grip, not only to slip away from your hand, convenient for you to work. Ideal for removing the nuts that are stubborn or seized without damaging the bolt threads. Get one and cut off the damaged nut, and solve the problem of difficult removing.

[Premium Material] Nut Splitter Tool is made of high-quality steel, sturdy enough to break the stubborn nut in a short time. Anti-rust coating, never worry that the Nut Splitter Tool would get rust. Durable enough to bring you a lasting service life with its tough material.

[Easy To Use] Just rotate the nut separator bolt to work on the target nut. Recommend that you prepare a wrench to help you complete this operation because it could be much easier.

  1. Target the nut with the blades
  2. Rotate the nut separator
  3. The blade would break the nut easily

Tips: If you rotate the nut with a wrench, the job could get much more convenient and efficient.

[Multi Using Occasion] Nut Splitter Tool is efficient for splitting and removing rusty broken, damaged, corroded, stuck nuts. Ideal tool for steelworkers, mechanics and DIYers. A useful tool for your home with its versatile use.

More Detail

Material: 45# Steel

Item Weight:

  • #1: 102 g / 0.22 lbs / 3.5 oz
  • #2: 186 g / 0.41 lbs / 6.56 oz
  • #3: 439 g / 0.97 lbs / 15.49 oz
  • #4: 660 g / 1.46 lbs/ 23.28 oz

Suitable Removing Nuts Range:

  • #1: 9~12mm
  • #2: 12~16mm
  • #3: 16~22mm
  • #4: 22~27mm

Nut Splitter Bolt Diameter:

  • #1: 12mm
  • #2: 14mm
  • #3: 18mm
  • #4: 21mm

Item Dimension(LXW)

  • #1: 7.8*1.2 CM / 3.07*0.47 IN
  • #2: 10.1*1.4 CM / 3.98*0.55 IN
  • #3: 13.2*1.9 CM / 5.2*0.75 IN
  • #4: 14.8*2.1 CM / 5.82*0.83 IN

Package: 1 x box with #1, #2, #3, #4 inside

Package Dimension: 25*17.5*6 cm / 9.84*6.89*2.36 in

HiyaaHome Nut Splitter HiyaaHome Nut Splitter HiyaaHome Nut Splitter



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HiyaaHome Nut Splitter

HiyaaHome Nut Splitter Tool Set

$45.99 $59.99