Hiyaahome Portable Dog Water Bottle

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  • Professional Wide Channel Design, help your dogs drink more easily. Made them fall in love with water.
  • Made By Food Grade ABS Material With Sleek Design, This bottle is non-toxic and never hurt your dogs while they are drinking water.
  • Lightweight and sling design, convenient for you to take it everywhere and let your dog drink clean water everywhere.
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Dog water Bottle, Portable Puppy Water Dispenser With Drinking Feeder For Pets, For Walking, Hiking, Travel, Eco-friendly Food Grade Plastic


[Wide Channel Design] The bottle is wide channel design. Help your dogs drink water more easily in everywhere. Suitable for small dogs, big dogs, Short Mouth Dogs. They will feel comfortable while drinking on this unique wide channel. Buy one and let your dogs fall in love with drinking water.

[Why Water So Important For Dog] As wen know, water is a necessary element when your dogs are doing metabolism. Drinking enough water is important for dogs especially summer. Your dogs will lose a mass of water while they running, moving in the summer time. In normal situation, your dogs should drink 60-100 ml x their weight (KG) each day. Sometime, we don’t have too much time for you to play with your dogs at home. So portable water bottle for dog may helpful for you. Buy one and let your dog drink the water which is safe for them everywhere, help them replenish enough water.

[Safe For Dog] Sometime we find our dogs drink the water outdoor. We don’t know how clean the water is. But when you get this dog water, you could help your dogs drink clean water everywhere. What’s more, the bottle is made of Eco-friendly ABS Plastic which is food grade. Keep your dog safe in drinking water.

[One Key Lock] You can lock the outfall by pushing the button. Once you lock the outfall, the water in your bottle would never fall out. Convenient for you to carry the bottle everywhere. Even put it into the bags, you could relax too cause it’s leak proof.

[Portable Feature] The bottle only weight 200g, you could take it everywhere without feeling heavy. What’s more, there is a sling hanging on the bottle, even your bag was packed with other things, you could hang it outside your bag too. You also could bring it to walk as there is a sling, you could hang the bottle on your hand. Easy for you to take the bottle out.

More Detail

Colors: Pink, Blue, White

Type/Capacity: 12 oz/350 ml, 19 0z/ 550ml

Item Weight: 12oz: 200g / 7.55oz
19oz: 240g / 8.46 oz

Package: 1 x box with 1 x bottle inside

Package Dimensions: 12oz: 8*8*22 cm / 3.15*3.15*8.66’’
19oz: 8*8*27 cm / 3.15*3.15*10.63’’

BIG Channel Water Bottle 500ml dog bottle BIG Channel Water Bottle BIG Channel Water BottleBIG Channel Water Bottle BIG Channel Water Bottle BIG Channel Water Bottle BIG Channel Water Bottle


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Q & A

Q: Does this one leak?
A: It does not leak – even if you shake it and try to make it leak. The quality is very good!

2 reviews for Hiyaahome Portable Dog Water Bottle

  1. NMLSTop

    I love this! Perfect for walking, the water can be saved with the press of a button and returned to the bottle. It was a great shopping experience.

  2. KLeigh

    This water bottle is a godsend! I can’t imagine giving my puppy any other travel water bottle! It was thin enough to fit in my travelling bag. It’s very light, and when I walk with the puppy, the bottle’s lash hangs right around my wrist. Bottles come in handy in the car when my puppy is thirsty and in need of a quick pick-me-up! I especially like its ability to suck the water back so I don’t waste what’s left. This 12-ounce bottle is perfect for any dog over 10 pounds and I recommend you buy a bigger one.

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Hiyaahome Portable Dog Water Bottle

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