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Hiyaahome Security Doorlocks For Hotel Room, Bedroom Add Extra Safety Privacy Solid Removable No Drill Door Jammer Latch For House, Apartment, School, Great Tool For Self-defense Item

Portable Door Lock

[Protect You Better] Have you ever stayed alone in a student dormitory? Have you ever tried staying in a hotel or a vacation rental or cabin? Have you ever tried having someone break into your room while you’re staying at a hotel on business? Have you ever suffered that someone “accidentally” broke into your house while you are sleeping in your bedroom? Sometime the interloper would let you feel them without finding them out just like the things in Insidious. Do you feel uneasy when your bedroom doesn’t have a lock that could not open from the outside? You also need to be safe when you are alone outside or in your bedroom. Even if you’re staying in a nicer hotel with tight security, it’s not clear for you that who else has access to your house keys. So, I suggest you add a layer of security protection for the door of your room. With this portable lock, the door won’t move even if someone outside opens it with the original key. Extra security measures can help you feel more comfortable in your hotel or apartment and in your own home. It is a versatile door lock that ensures your safety and provides enhanced security at a fraction of the price.

Portable Door Lock
[Strong & Durable] The door lock is made of hard stainless steel, which will not break easily and prevent rust or becoming brittle, so you can use it for a long time. But don’t judge its safety by its compact size. The claws part is composed of solid stainless steel part which is not easy to deform, and could grip the door better. When you lock the door with this lock, nothing can get in, either lashing out or pushing hard. Very useful in hotels and bedrooms to upgrade your personal safety protection.

Portable Door Lock
[Portable Lock] With it only weigh 118 g / 4.2 oz and compact design, you can take it anywhere easily. You can take it if you go travel or on an business trip. If your bedroom could be open outside, you can use this lock too. There’s a bag for you to carry the lock easily.

Portable Door Locks
[Install Easily]

  • Insert the back of the handle and see if there is enough room for the lock to fit
  • Open the door toward you and insert the claws of the Lock into the strike of the door
  • Once the claws are in the strike plate, close the door and this PORTABLE DOOR LOCK will be held in the position with the door.
  • Tack the red handle and inset the moving metal rod into the triangular hole go the body of the lock on the side between the chrome body and the door handle.
  • The red handle will slide down till it locks the door in place. Install finished.

[How To Remove] Lift the red handle and remove the moving metal rod from the triangular hole. Open the door and release this Portable Door Lock’s body from the strike plate.

Portable Door Lock

More Detail

Color: Red, As Picture
Item Weight: 118 g / 4.2 oz
Item Dimension:

  • 1 x Portable Door Lock
  • 1 x Small Bag

4 reviews for Hiyaahome Portable Security Door Lock

  1. Bonnie

    This is a well-constructed and easy to install product. I am an older woman who recently traveled alone and used it in two different hotel rooms. The bolt on the door of one room in the hotel didn’t seem to fit properly, so I was particularly pleased to have this device available. Before I bought it, I was concerned about whether it could be easily removed in case of fire. The answer is yes. The design is simple, but clever. The only question I have is if there is a medical emergency and I am not able to get to the door on my own, can the paramedics enter the room? There may be a delay, but there may well be a way to get rescuers into the room. I decided not to worry about the odds.

  2. DJH

    That’s exactly what I wanted to provide myself with extra security. As a single female tenant, I have always been a little worried about the maintenance workers, office workers, former tenants and any other service providers who have the keys to easily enter my apartment. While I doubt if this lock will stop someone from entering the room regardless of the consequences, I believe it will stop someone from accidentally entering the game. It’s super easy to install. It took me longer to unpack it than it took to install it. I highly recommend this lock to anyone who rents a house.

  3. nancy w.

    I travel to many countries on business and have to stay in hotels. Many of the people I work with have had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night or having someone standing in their room while taking a shower. I bought this lock almost a year ago and it can be used on a lot of hotel doors. I always take this with me to secure the hotel door. If it’s hard to remove, you need to practice so you have confidence that you can remove it in an emergency. I can take it out in the dark in two seconds.

  4. Dr. Jan Itor

    I never write reviews, but after receiving and trying this lock, I was so impressed that I had to share it. The installation took about a minute, and after pulling the door, the lock grabbed it firmly. We used this on an inside door with no lock, and it worked great. It is simple to use and hopefully will prevent someone breaking in through the basement at night and sneaking into the main building of the house undetected.

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Portable Door Lock

Hiyaahome Portable Security Door Lock

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