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  • Auto turn ON/OFF circularly. Three Timing Mode For You To Chose: 3/9/12 hours
    14*14 Crystal Chip Lamp, Efficient Red, Blue & Mixed Spectrum: Meet Various Of Light
  • Requirements’ Need.
  • Easy To Install & Settle The Light Anywhere.
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LED Grow Light[Three Timing Mode] Designed by with auto circular-memory timing function, this LED grow lamp could auto ON/OFF circularly. There are three timing setting option for you to choose: 3 / 9 / 12 hours. You could chose the most suitable timing mode for your plants. Once you set a timing mode for your grow light Led Lamp, it could turn ON / OFF itself every day in the mode which you set. A dependable tools for you if you go travel or forget to turn the light on or off. Take a good care of your plants when you are too busy to look after them.LED Grow Light[Three Spectrum ] In order to satisfy all the light conditions that your plant need in different growth stages, our Indoor LED Grow Light could be turn on three light mode: red, blue, mixed red and blue. Experiment show, red / blue light could not only can promote the chlorophyll formation, carbohydrate accumulation for plants but also can help the stem and the root grow faster. Help your plants take in more nutrients.

LED Grow LightLED Grow Light

[Easy To Install] This high-end 4 head LED Grow lights are very easy to assemble and set up. You can place the plant grow lights everywhere you want, place the lamp by the clip clamps. As it’s tiny size, you can move it easily and put the lamp anywhere you want.

[Multi-angle irradiation] Not only the clip could be clipped everywhere, but also the tube of the lamp could be rotate around 360°. You could adjust the best angle for your plants.

[Ten Light Level] There are 10 level dimming for you to select. In addition, you can adjust the strength of your light by keep pressing the button. Convenient for you to set up the best level of brightness for your plants.LED Grow Light[Useful In Any Places] With it’s multi-function and auto ON/OFF, this LED Grow Light could apply to family balcony seeding or breeding, gardening, flower show, potted plants and greenhouse.

More Detail

Power: 36W

Life: > 50000 hours

Color: Black/ As picture

LED Quantity: 80 LED (52 Red LED + 28 Blue LED)

Item Weight:

  • 2 Heads:481.3 g / 1.06 lbs(with a box)
  • 3 Heads:614.3 g / 1.35 lbs(with a box)
  • 4 Heads:817.8 g / 1.80 lbs(with a box)

Material: PC + Metal + Aluminum

Irradiation Angle: 360 Degrees

Lighting Color: RED & BLUE & MIXED LIGHTS

Light Wavelength:

  • Red: 620-625nm
  • Blue:450-455nm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 4 Head LED Grow Light
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User manual

LED Grow Light

If you have any questions, please be free to contact us. We’ll reply within 24 hrs and try our best to help you.

Q & A

Q: How far should LED Grow Lights be from plants
A: The radius of LED Grow Lights is 20cm/lamp. Recommend that the distance of lamp and the plants within 20cm.

8 reviews for Hiyaahome Upgraded LED Grow Light

  1. H-

    Before buying this lamp, I was a little skeptical. However, my plants seem to grow faster and love this lamp very much!

  2. AG

    This is where my plants grow in light because there is less sunlight with the fall and winter seasons. So I bought the lamp. There are three types of LEDs on the light bar, white, red and blue. The lamp allows you to have a choice of 3 colors. Brightness adjustment is available. The timer function is fantastic, you turn on the timer for 3 hours, 9 hours, or 12 hours, it automatically turns off, but it also automatically turns on after a 24 hour cycle! It really reduce a lot of trouble.

  3. Henry

    I currently have five orchids bloom, one is a clearance has been neglected dehydration, cold shock, withered, I brought it to return to my car 65 miles of heat in the bottle it three ounces of water to drink, it is set in the floor of the I, after I get home, put it in the lamplight, flowers alive, leaves straight, into a green, It’s been open for more than six weeks now. We have really cold days, and I don’t open the curtains, so it’s the only UV they get. I fertilize them once a week and spray them with water every day.

  4. Peter Nguyen

    Works great on my little seedlings. Using it is easy. Install was easy.

  5. J. A. Keith

    I need a growth lamp for indoor growth, which was recommended by one of my FB plant group. Definitely useful; I’ve been setting it up to 9 hours for a few days now and my plants are really good. It’s a little bigger than I expected (which is a good thing), and it’s easy to adjust. It is also light, easy to disassemble and move. Now that I know it works, I’m going to order some more and start stockpiling seedlings and juices, because I’m a plant hoarder. Also, the fuchsia light from my basement window made my neighbors think I was quietly growing illegal marijuana, so they’re all very nice to me now.

  6. Rebec39

    I think this product is mainly suitable for (3-5) small plants. Ideally, the lamp should be positioned so that the light hits the top of the plant. I just can’t do this with larger plants, so I plan to turn the POTS every few days so that the light reaches each side. The light works as intended, and each bar is easily manipulated to the necessary Angle. It’s too early to say whether adding growing light to my plant-based regimen will make them healthier, but I’m hopeful.

  7. Redarbor

    At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the lamp, but after a while of using it, it felt good overall. I like the fact that it has three, nine or 12 hour timers. It also has Settings for different colors that you need, although I really don’t know what different colors do to plants, so I always leave one with all the colors. Each color also has a different brightness setting. My plants are in the basement, so there is no other natural light for the plants. I waited a long time to leave my comments to make sure they would continue to flourish. They did a good job! I took photos, but don’t know how to post them here 🙁

  8. PA Hunter

    I was impressed with the growth light! It’s four lamps, each of which can support three smaller plants at once. The flexibility of the luminaire arms that connect each lamp allows this luminaire to cover a large space and at least 16 plants simultaneously! The “base” of the light is actually a clip so strong that it would take two hands to pry it open and grasp something that is only about an inch wide! The Angle of the light bar is flexible, allowing a variety of angles to be adjusted to maximize coverage of different levels of vegetation, as I show in the picture below. The icing on the cake when it comes to this control switch for growing light! It allows several levels of brightness and can also be timed, which is a timer for 3 hours, 9 hours or 12 hours! This feature really makes “Grow Light” one of the easiest ways to use and create a truly natural growing scene. I love this lamp and am very happy with it, especially the coverage it provides!

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Hiyaahome Upgraded LED Grow Light

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