Hiyaahome Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net

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  • Durable & Strong, pick up things easily.
  • Smooth Angles, never hurt people while using.
  • Universally Fit For Poles
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[Durable & Strong] Made by PP material, which is anti-oxidative & anti-rot. Durable made a durable skimmer. There 16 of supports in the shape of triangle. Make the skimmer more stronger than before. Never worry about the skimmer too weak to get the leaf.

[Smooth Angles] Design by four smooth angle around the skimmer, protect your pool when you pick up the debris in the button of pool. Never worry that the skimmer hurt your hand, with it’s four smooth angles.

[Universally Fit For Poles] This skimmer is suitable for all 2.8cm poles.

Skimmer NetSkimmer Net

Skimmer Net

[How To Use] Although our swimming pool skimmer not include with poles, it’s suitable for all 1.125 inch standard pool poles.

  1. Find a poles with 1.125’’ inner diameter (standard size) & holes.
  2. Attach your pool poles to the swimming net according to the 2 buttons.
  3. Use this skimmer which is after installing, walk around the pool and find the leaf or debris you want to pick up and pick up them.

[Clean Up The Pool Easily] Deep net design for higher capacity. With a 50*42 cm wide-mouth design, the net can pick up more leaf or garbage cause it can touch bigger area one time. The depth of net up to 45 cm, which can hold large amounts of leaves and debris.

[Great Cleaning Many Type Of Pool] This large capacity skimmer not only can help you to clean up the leaf, but also could be a good tools for collecting small debris, pine cones, small twigs, trap floating garbage, even the smallest particles.

More Detail

Color: Blue

Item Size: 50*42*45 cm

Material: PP Plastic + ABS

Item Wight: 410 g/ 0.9 lbs

Q & A

Q: Is this good for small debris?
A: Yes, this skimmer is good for small debris on the surface of the pool. I haven’t tried it yet on the pool bottom.

Q: Does this come withe a pole?
A: No. Just the net section. Fits most poles

If you have any problem about our Pool Skimmer Net, please contact us for free, we will solve your problem within 24 hours.

7 reviews for Hiyaahome Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net

  1. Dennies in TC

    So far, so good. Very wide and deep bags, you can easily clean up a lot of debris, reducing a lot of time. I bought more expensive ones in the past, but eventually fell apart a year later. Time will tell if this one is tenable, but even if it doesn’t, for this price, I will definitely buy another one.

  2. Jim SQ

    I bought this skimmer after getting rid of various pool rakes over the years. My neighbor has a 60-foot water oak tree that covers my swimming pool. I mess up every fall through winter and have to drain and acid-wash my swimming pool after a few years. The first two days of use have shown me the durability and quality of the product. Every spoonful is full. Thanks to great products.

  3. Ned Stens

    My pool is Cleaner Than Ever Before!! Save my time for cleaning. Love that.

  4. Harry Dedley

    Having owned an underground swimming pool for twenty years, I have used six nets/skimmers. This skimmer is by far the best. It is very lightweight, fast and easy to flip/empty the contents, and the beveled edge is a perfect angle-even though my pool has a “bowl” for the deep end. It reduces the time required to scoop up leaves, cut grass, bugs, and even annoying mulberry trees. I recommend storing these at our local pool store.

  5. Alva

    Okay, I like the skimmer, which is very simple to skim the leaves off the top of the pool. The mesh is very fine and my swimming pool looks much cleaner than before. Overall, it looks great, and the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is that I should have paid more attention to its weight when ordering.

  6. Nitaa

    My swimming pool is located between several large and medium-sized trees-pine and deciduous trees. Therefore, we will get a considerable amount of debris, especially after the storm. This afternoon, after a particularly windy thunderstorm, I took out this net for a try. This net is like a champion! I was able to clean up in record time. I can also pick up leaves and branches that easily sink to the bottom. The net can hold a lot of leaves, allowing you to continue cleaning without having to empty it for a long time. Great product so far. If you have a pool that is prone to debris, it is highly recommended.

  7. Rachelprich

    It’s for me pool people. So I bought one and started doing my pool maintenance; It saves me $70 a month; Just 30 minutes every two weeks. Just push it to the bottom of the edge of the pool, and it effortlessly scoops in leaves and crumbs; Big Bag Keep items in a bag until you empty it. Don’t fret about flat skimming nets.

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Hiyaahome Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net

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