Hiyahome 2021 2 Layers Lemon Squeezer

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  • Labor-saving and radioactive texture design, help you squeeze maximum juice in short time.But will not make you tired.
  • Food grade material help you drink your juice safely, Strong and durable alloy, uneasy to broke.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Great tool for squeezing everywhere. You can enjoy the fresh juice even you are picnic.
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[Easy To Operate] With this manual juicer, you can squeeze lemon easily.

  1.  Cut the lemon or lime into 2 arch. ( If you want to squeeze very large oranges, grapefruit, etc. you may have to cut into more than 2 pieces)
  2.  Insert the lemon or lime cut-side down, facing the holes, into the bowl that best fits. For limes or small lemons, the green bowl is best, you will see limes become easy to squeeze.
  3.  Press the handles together until all the juice is extracted.

[Easy To Clean] Made by metal material, which is smooth enough to clean. You can wash it or use a wet towel to wipe it. Recommend that keep it dry if you don’t use it.

[Quick For Squeezing] Reinforce rivet to connect, the handle could reach more angle but uneasy to broke. There is six tiny holes for the juice to flow. Get your juice quickly without the seed falling. Design by a radioactive texture and handles which is based on a lever. Bring you a comfortable experience of squeezing. With this non-slip handle,the fruit could be squeezed more easily. Squeeze the juice with less power.

[Suitable For Many Size Of Fruits] Designed by two layers in different size, you can squeeze little lemon on the first layer, and squeeze big one on the second layers. Convenient for you to make drink or sauce.

[Durable & Safe Material] The lacquer on the surface has passed by a food certification. Reliable food grade lacquer keep you safe while enjoying the tasty juice.

[Lightweight & Portable] This juicer only weight 260g, which is portable and convenient for you to take it anywhere. Easy to take it for picnic, camping and party. Help you enjoy the fresh juice or cock tail in every moment everywhere.

[Great Tool For Cocktail / Juice] With this tiny holes, you can get maximum lemon juice without seeds. Perfect hole size to squeeze lemons or limes.

[How To Maintain] 1. Do not soak it in a long time.
2.Avoid friction with hard things, if there is little scratch after rubbing with hard thing, you could use toothpaste to wash it.

More Detail

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Color: Yellow & Green

Item Size: 8*22 cm

Item weight: 0.26KG / 0.57 lbs

Q & A

Q: What’s the proper way to use it? I want to make sure I’m doing it right.
A: 1.Cut the lemon in shapes of arch, and put it into the hole ( Let the back of lemon toward you )
2.Squeeze it and let the juice flow into your cup.

Q: Does this squeeze most of the juice from lemons? How about limes?
A : Yes I have found it squeezes all of the juice from both lemons and limes.

4 reviews for Hiyahome 2021 2 Layers Lemon Squeezer

  1. Limee

    I’ve been squeezing lemons by hand for years and think the juicer is too expensive. Well, eventually, I was fed up with all the lemon juice and sore hands. I bought this and so far I’ve been very picky about what goes into the kitchen to avoid spending more money to replace it in the future. I’m particularly concerned about safety/chipping/materials. I’ve tried this with our classic roast chicken and it’s the fastest, easiest experience and it works really well. Put the lemon in, squeeze the lever, and release all my seeds (no more fishing!). , and there was a consistent result every time. I get the most juice from my lemons than I probably save more money on the product. I wish I had bought it earlier.

  2. Liv D.

    Another commenter said this lemon/lime juicer made her “so happy” and now that I have one, I know what she meant! So, if you’re feeling a little blue… Buy this juicer :-). It’s a well-made, well-designed product that makes extracting citrus juice a breeze.

  3. drmach12

    I eat all natural food and I cook it all myself. Many of my recipes call for fresh limes or lemons. I squeeze a lot of lemons with this, it’s so convenient! Squeeze the green part of the lemon face down and the yellow part of the lemon face down. Nice try.

  4. Chiaro

    I love this gadget! It only took me five minutes to squeeze the lime pile. I like limes and lemons, but I hate squeezing them with my hands. It’s great! ! And it looks durable. Note: If someone has problems with their hands, such as arthritis, this may be difficult for them. It’s made of solid metal, so it does have some weight. You also need to be able to squeeze the levers together, so keep that in mind. But this is a great tool for your kitchen!

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Lemon Squeezer

Hiyahome 2021 2 Layers Lemon Squeezer

$15.99 $29.99