HiyaaHome Inflatable Shampoo Bowl

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  • Great support for neck.
  • Portable & Lightweight.
  • Having a shampoo in everywhere. Even on the bed.
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HiyaaHome Portable Shampoo Bowl, Inflatable Rinse Basin For Washing & Cutting Hair At Home, On Bed

[Use At Home] HiyaaHome Portable Shampoo Bowl  is a replacement for a salon chair rinse basin, which is an ideal tool for washing and cutting hair at home. No more need to go to the salon and waste your money when you don’t want to go to a salon while you have to go to a salon. A revolutionary patented rinse tray is a shampooer for the elderly staying at home, professional stylists, pregnant women, caregivers and more. Experience the fun of going to the salon or becoming a professional stylist.

[Neck Support] Designed by ergonomics, which makes it become the most comfortable shampoo basin. You could adjust the comfort cushion contour to the desired neck position for any user, whether sitting, lying down, or in a wheelchair.

[Wash Your Head Neatly] There are adjustable channeling flaps and a grooved design which keeps all water and hair flowing neatly and down into sink or washbasin with water. Convenient for washing hair no matter lying down or sitting down. Perfect for the elderly or disabled. Mobile Salon can adapt to a large variety of sink or basin shapes, giving users the flexibility for all situations.

[Portable For Everywhere] This mobile salon inflates with two breaths and wipe to clean it up in seconds. Easy to use every single time. The dimension of the Portable Shampoo Bowl is only 19*16.5*4 cm / 7.48*4.5*1.57 in, and weight 0.245 kg, which is easy to store in your beauty bag or travel kit. Portable and convenient to use.


More Detail

Color: Black

Item Weight: 0.245 kg / 0.54 lb / 8.64 oz

Item Dimension: 19*16.5*4 cm / 7.48*4.5*1.57 in

Package: Opp Bag With 1 X Portable Shampoo Bowl inside

Portable Shampoo Bowl Portable Shampoo Bowl

Q & A

Q: Can you sit up straight and use this product? My mom cannot lean backwards.

A: Yes, you can sit up straight in a regular chair, and still you won’t get wet! It’s really cool..


Q: Can you use this in conjunction with a wash basin in a salon? My power chair leans backward but I can’t quite reach the basin’s neck opening.

A: Yes you can! Mobile Salon is perfect for closing that gap and being comfortable while channeling the water down into the basin.


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Portable Shampoo Bowl

HiyaaHome Inflatable Shampoo Bowl

$35.99 $46.99