Motion Sickness Glasses For Kids, Adults, Or Elders

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  • Equipped with nose pad, no easy to fall. Strong arbitrary feature, suitable for all head sizes and shapes.
  • Simple, safe and natural, help you anti-motion sickness effectively. Over 95% of people said that’s work well.
  • Non-lens design could be used even you are wearing a pair of glasses.


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HiyaaHome Anti-Motion Sickness Smart Glasses, Ultra-Light, Nausea Relief, Raised Airsick Sickness Or Seasickness Glasses For Sports Travel Gaming, Liquid Glasses Without Lens For Kids Or Adults

HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

[Nature & Safe] HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses are made by safe & Eco-friendly ABS material, which is non-toxic and durable for long service life. In addition, Motion Sickness Glasses have strong arbitrary and antioxidant with its premium material. The Glasses could be adsorbed by magnet, folded or removed. Super convenient for you to carry it in any way with its lightweight and compact design.

[Why We Feel Nausea] There is a Vestibular System between our ears and brain, which help our brain to feel the motion from our eyes, ears, muscle and joints. When these parts send conflicting information, our brain cannot know whether we are moving or stationary, which makes our brain confused. That’s why we feel sick when we play 3D games or travel on the car, sea, or airplane. So the Motion Sickness Glasses come up to help you anti-motion sickness scientifically.

[How Does It Work] There blue fluid in the glasses. They could flow in any direction with the motion caused by running of car, airplane or boat. Bring more motions feelings to the eyes and reduce the movement of your ears. Creates an artificial horizon in your vision and re-synchronizes the eyes with a balance system by changing the liquid level.

[Easy To Use] Wear these motion sickness glasses for 10-12 minutes and keep staring at a stationary object like a cellphone or book when you are starting a motion sickness. And nausea caused by motion will disappear.

[Multi-Usage Scene] Great for nausea relief caused by car, airplane, boat, riding, playing high-altitude Rotating Games of flying, even horror reasoning games. Help you prevent seasickness, aircraft sickness, car sickness and any other travel sickness effectively. Never worry that the glasses would fall easily with their nose pad. I promise you the Motion Sickness Glasses is suitable for all types and sizes of head.


  • Please keep your sight in a horizontal line while using for better results. (Although more than 95% of users said that these motion sickness glasses work well, they may not eliminate the symptoms 100% for people in a very serious situation.)
  • These motion sickness glasses work better in adults and children over the age of 10 whose inner ears are developed fully.


HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

HiyaaHome Motion Sickness GlassesHiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

More Detail

Color: White

Material: PP+TR

Item Weight: 25g / 0.88 oz

If you happen to feel unsatisfied with the use of our Motion Sickness Glasses, please contact us and we will do our best to provide a solution for you. Including returns or refunds for any quality issues.

Q & A

Q: Are these glasses really useful? I am going on a cruise next week.

A: I wore them on our cruise ship last October, and they worked well. I have to buy more for my friends.


Q: Where are these made?

A: This product is made of imported material, which is strong and elastic. Unlike other inferior products, it will not be deformed or leak liquid. If you have any questions, please contact us. [Seller]


Q: Do they fit over glasses

A: Yes, I wear glasses, and they fit over them.


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HiyaaHome Motion Sickness Glasses

Motion Sickness Glasses For Kids, Adults, Or Elders

$18.99 $25.99