Penguin-shaped Soft Boiled Egg Holder For 6 Eggs

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  • Long handle design; never get hurt by the heat while using it.
  • There is a hole in the bottom; dry the eggs quickly
  • Food-grade material, BPA FREE
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HiyaaHome 3-in1 Egg Holder, Cool For Making Soft Or Hard Boiled Eggs, Store And Serve Egg holder, Easy Cooking And Fridge Storage, Egg Holder With Cooling Handle For Kitchen

[MULTIPURPOSE EGG HOLDER & COOKER] Boiling, storing and serving eggs have never been cooler! Just place up to 6 eggs into the penguin’s bellies to make their colony full. Place this lovely Soft Boiled Egg Holder into a boiling pot of water to make soft or hard-boiled eggs, serve it on the table or store it in the refrigerator.

[HEAT RESISTANT & EASY TO USE] No need to worry about cracking eggs when putting them in the pot or fishing around with a spoon when they’re cooked. The long handle of the Soft Boiled Egg Holder always stays cool, permitting you to put and remove eggs from boiling water rapidly and securely. A hole on its bottom drain water and dry up quickly. Made from food-safe, durable plastic and USE LARGE EGGS FOR BEST FIT. BPA FREE. Dishwasher-safe.

[ADORABLE EGG STORAGE HOLDER] Soft Boiled Egg Holder store your eggs stylishly with this charming penguin hard-boiled egg holder. The dimension of this product is 5.78 x 4.9 x 4.76 inches. This compact egg storage display rack will occupy minimal space in your kitchen area, refrigerator as well as on tabletop, making it an excellent cooking area storage option!

[AN EGG-CELLENT PRESENT] Surprise your friends and family with this unique boiled egg maker and holder. Perfect for penguin fans! An ideal gift idea for birthdays, housewarmings, dinner parties, Xmas and for all other occasions.


More Detail

Color: Black

Material: Food-grade PP

Item Weight: 160 g / 0.35 lb / 5.64 oz

Package Dimension: 15*12.5*13 cm / 5.9*4.9*5.1 in

Penguin-shaped Soft Boiled Egg Holder For 6 Eggs Penguin-shaped Soft Boiled Egg Holder For 6 Eggs

Q & A

Q: Any drainage holes on the bottom, or does water from the pot get stuck and sit in the bottom of the penguins? Don’t want eggs to sit in liquid after cooking.

A: Hey there!

Thanks for asking!

Yeah, our cute egguins have holes at the bottom to prevent the water from getting stuck after cooking!

We will add this detail to our listing thanks to you since we understand it’s not clear enough! Enjoy our Egguins, and we are here for any further questions!

Bestes, HiyaaHome



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Penguin-shaped Soft Boiled Egg Holder For 6 Eggs

Penguin-shaped Soft Boiled Egg Holder For 6 Eggs

$19.99 $25.99