Pressure Car Washing Nozzle Foam Gun

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  •  8 modes of spray patterns for various usage
  •  High pressure & long spray distance (6-10 Meters/19,7-32.8 Feet)
  •  Ergonomic design, turn the mode of spray easily, comfortable for you to use


HiyaaHome Adjustable Hose Spray Nozzle, High pressure & 8 Watering Pattern With Foam Blaster For Car Washing, Planting Watering & Pet Showering

[Washing Gun With Soap Dispenser] A perfect combination of detergent bottle and the soap dispenser. Equipped with a soap dispenser and two spray modes for you, you could spray water or soap. Just twist the knob by the tips on the knob, and you can adjust different soap levels by twisting the knob.

[High Pressure & 8 Modes] HiyaaHome Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun has a high-pressure level (about 74 psi / 5.1 bar), helps you clean the car or water the plants of your garden better. No more bucket when you wash your car. This foam sprayer has eight spray patterns ( Jet, Center, Cone, Mist, Flat, Stream, Shower, Rinse). Each type of spout for different usage. You could use it to water the plants or lawn, or patio, wash your car, take a shower with your pets, or even wash the wall of your house outside.

[Compatibility] Suitable for all 3/4 inch garden hoses. You could connect it with your garden hose easily with its high-quality material. Never worry that it could leak under limited pressure.

Note: It is normal that you could hear something when you shake it.

[Ergonomic Design] Designed by principles of ergonomics and made by a high-quality rubber, this Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun is comfortable for you to hold. Adjust the spraying modes by twisting the knob, and stop the water by just one motion, no more exhausted when you wash your car or water your plantings. High pressure and long spray distance, convenient for you to use.

[Easy To Use] Turn the knob of the spray plate and adjust the watering pattern, and turn the knob on the degree bottle. You could change the type of water.

[Free Gift] For a more convenient washing, we provide a premium scratch-free wash mitt for you. Super absorbent, high density, ultra-soft for washing car, help you quickly wipe away the microfiber strands.

More Detail

Item Weight: 213.4 g

Spray Range: 6-10 Meters / 19.7-32.8 Feet

If you happen to feel unsatisfied with the use of our Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun, please contact us and we will do our best to provide a solution for you. 

Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun



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Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun

Pressure Car Washing Nozzle Foam Gun

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