Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags

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  • Material: Eco-friendly PVC + Metal
  • Item Weight: 0.6 kg / 1.32 lbs / 21.2 oz
  • Item Dimension: 35.2*17.8*4 cm / 13.86*7.01*1.57 in
  • Package Dimension: 35.3*18.1*5.5 cm / 13.9*8.21*2.49 in
  • Including:
  • 1 x Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags
  • 6 x Bag in different size
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HiyaaHome Zipper Bag Track Fridge Organizer for 14 Bags With Six Fresh Keeping Bags, Convenient To See & Install, Solution For Seal-top Bags To Clean And Organize Zipper Bag Tray Zipper Bag Holder Rack Hanger

How to organize our fridge better? It gonna be a most difficult problem in our daily life. We bought many type of organizers, Bins, Drawers and any other things. It could be very effective at first. We put different food into different bins. However, sometime we do not have too much energy or patient for organization. The refrigerator become mess again. This Track refrigerator Organizer is here for you! Just put the food in the bag and hang them on the track. Help you make a full use for your refrigerator.

[GET A FULL USE OF FRIDGE] Never search for your leftovers or snacks in your unorganized refrigerator again! We always waste the space of our fridge when we are using and complain why our fridge so small. The Track Refrigerator Organizer help you organize you fridge in a short time! Easy clutter-free organizer. You could storage 14 types of food in a track in your fridge which safe your space excellently. Get one and make your fridge bigger than ever before!

[INSTALL IN 2 MINUTES] Easy to install for you. Nothing tools is indeed. Just peel the cover of the sticker and stick, it done!

Here is a way to show you how to install the track refrigerator.

  1. Clean the area you want to stick on
  2. Peel the red cover on the track
  3. Stick it on the area and done!

[KNOW THE FRIDGE BETTER] Organize your food or your other small gadget with transparent bags; you could know the situation of the food or gadget better. Recommend that you could write something on the bags which could help you know the food clearly.

[COULD HOLD UP 20 POUNDS] There are 14 slot for you to hold the assorted quart size bags. Strong and secure for you to storage the food. Simple, fashion and functional.

[NOT ONLY FOR FRIDGE] The using occasions of the Track Refrigerator Organizer is plenty. You could use it be a snake storage track in pantry; you could use it in the cabinet; Also could storage some little components garage or craft room. Help you make a full use of your house.

[SIX BAGS FOR YOU] To ensure you could feel the charm of this Track Refrigerator Organizer, we prepare six bags for you to have a try. Including 1 big bag, 2 medium bags, and 3 small bag. The dimension of the big one is: 26.5*32 cm; the dimension of the medium bags is 23*15 cm; the small one is 20*10 cm

Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags

Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 BagsTrack Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags


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Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags

Track Refrigerator Organizer For 14 Bags

$27.99 $41.99