HiyaaHome Upgraded LED Pool Lights


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  • Upgraded RF Remote Controller
  • Much brighter than lights whose number is 10.
  • Specification
    • 16 Color Changes
    • 4 Brightness Adjustments
    • 3 Timer Setting (2H/4H/6H)
    • 3 Lighting Modes (Fade, Smooth, Flash)
    • Remote Control (Remote Rang Max to 164ft)
    • IP68 Waterproof and Weatherproof
    • Number Of Lights: 13


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HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

HiyaaHome 2021 Pool Light With 3 Magnet & 2 Suction Cup, IP68 Water Proof Above Ground Pool Light, RF Remove Controller

[Upgraded Version] HiyaaHome LED Pool light add three more LED lights than before, which is brighter than ever before. Help you look clearer while swimming at night. Keep you safe while providing a romantic atmosphere. Equipped with three strong magnets and two suction could be used in any way no matter wet or dry. Not only could use it to decorate your pool but also could use it to decorate your home.

[Upgraded RF Remote Controller] Unlike IR, RF Remove Controller control the lights by radio wave whose signal could cover a larger range. You could control the lights at different angles in different places within 200ft / 61m in the air. The light could receive your order even there is a wall between you with this RF Remote Control. When the light at the water, although the signal could be weakened heavily in water, it also could control the lights within 15.4ft / 5m in water. One RC could control many lights, and you don’t need to aim the pool light one by one. Convenient for you to control the lights.

[Multi-function Bring Multi-atmosphere] The LED Pool Light could be adjustable in 16 colors. Each color could be switch on the RF Controller. There are three lighting modes for you to select-Flash, Fade and Smooth. For a better experience, there are three timing modes for you. You can set a lightning duration in 2/4/6 hours. There four levels for brightness; you could adjustable the brightness as you like.

[Could Be Used in Many Places] The LED Pool Lights are not just for underwater – swimming pool, hot tub, bathtub, pond, water fountain, vases, fish tank, aquarium, and so on, they are also an ideal decoration for a variety of parties, wedding event, stage, nightclub, shopping center, jewelry shops, showrooms, cabinet, stores as well as other occasions like Carnival, Halloween, Xmas!

[Multi Types For You] There are two sizes for you to select. You could choose the size of 7cm / 2.8in or 8.5cm / 3.3 in. If you want an Eco-friendly type, you could choose the charging one, but the battery one is much convenient for you.

HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights  HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights


About Waterproof:

  • Please ensure the sealing ring is undamaged and properly stays in the groove.
  • Please twist the swimming pool lights until they can not be twisted any further to make them completely water-resistant before putting underwater.

About the Battery:

  • The AAA batteries are not included
  • The battery type only 2 Magnet
  • Please dry the pool lights first before changing batteries. Because the water outside lights may drop into lights and keep inside the battery case, it will damage the components and defeat the lights. ( Extremely Important!!!)
  • Please do not use a bad quality that could influence the light’s brightness, even the working life.

About The RC:

  • Please keep the RC dry because it’s not waterproof
  • Press the button “ON” on the RC for about 3 seconds to active all light. No need to long-press after turning on the light. It could be very sensitive to reach what you set.
  • For underwater use, please keep the remote within 10FT/3M -16.4 FT/5M since water will greatly absorb the signal and weaken the signal to the lights. In the air, the remote range can get to 164FT/50M and more.


  • 16 Color Changes
  • 4 Brightness Adjustments
  • 3 Timer Setting (2H/4H/6H)
  • 3 Lighting Modes (Fade, Smooth, Flash)
  • Remote Control (Remote Rang Max to 164ft)
  • IP68 Waterproof and Weatherproof


More Detail

Item Weight: 

  • 4 pcs: 0.412 kg / 0.91 lbs / 14.5 oz
  • 8 pcs: 0.824 kg / 1.82 lbs / 29.1 oz

Material: Plastic

Light: LED

Number Of Light: 13

Controller Type: RF

We provide 24 hours online service. Please don’t hesitate to ask for us question if you have any problems.

8 reviews for HiyaaHome Upgraded LED Pool Lights

  1. Jen S

    Update: They have started to lose suction and slide a bit. Or they could have been bumped by the dog. ? I have already lost a suction cup when trying to reattach. They are small and very hard to find in the pool, so order extra suction cups!
    These are wonderful (so far)! Because I was not sure about the suction, I placed all 4 in the shallow end of the pool. The white and blue colors also light the deep end. So far, the suction cups are working. I just ordered another set for the deep end! The red and orange colors are not very bright, but look pretty when the lights change colors. One remote works for all 4 even though 2 are included. (You just have to hit the buttons more times, I think.) I will update as the summer and use of these lights continues. I think I need to stock up on batteries! ?

  2. Scott jones

    Suctioned all 8 lights to the walls inside the pool and the ambiance from them was incredible!

  3. Melva Emmons

    I have a 36×18 In ground, I have 6 lights in there, which may be over kill, but these lights are AWESOME! Only had in the pool twice, so can comment on the waterproof, I take them out when we are done, but they make my back yard awesome! And i buy the pool skimmer net to clean my pool.

  4. Melva Emmons

    Exactly what I wanted. I love this light, very easy to use and good quality. My pool now looks so pretty.

  5. Maryana

    The lights themselves are actually very good, highlighting my swimming pool nicely. The view is great. The problem is to keep them where they are. Suction cups are very simple, just suck. My solution is to buy a strong magnet and place it outside my swimming pool to combine with the lamp magnet. If other people are looking for a fix, then this method is very effective.

  6. kevdac84

    This submersible LED light is quite nice and it will be used in a number of situations in my home. Right now, my son has declared it as his and is using it as a night light in his room. He can set it to a particular color or set it to flash, change and fade, depending on what he wants at a particular time. It appears rugged and waterproof as long as the o-ring is seated securely in the groove. I like that the 3 batteries means increased life and I also like how it can attach to objects with either a suction cup or the magnets. When the weather gets warm, I can see it being used in a pool at night or for camping in a tent. Having light available at a moments notice is important and I have a strong feeling that this will work well for us.

  7. Santiago

    I have been getting my patio spring and summer ready and made a little fountain for relaxation. Felt like it needed something , so I ordered this light and I am blown away! For the price it cannot be beat . It took me 5 mins to put batteries and put it into my fountain. The light is super bright and I have it on during the day. I can’t wait to see it at night! The suction cups hold very well. I am very pleased with the product . A must have!

  8. Terisa

    There is no swimming pool in my house, but it is very suitable for bathing, whether it is for me to relax by myself or for my children to have fun. My daughter has a lot of fun with these lights. The quality is very good! Especially floating in the water. It brings a lot of fun. After a stressful day, it will make the bath more comfortable and relieve stress. I believe it is very suitable for swimming pools. And i also purchased pool skimmer net.

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HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

HiyaaHome Upgraded LED Pool Lights

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