Upgraded Thinking Eggs For Meditation

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  • 2021 Best Tool For Meditation
  • Stress Relief & Slow Down
  • Item Dimension: 17 mm * 23.38 mm
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Thinking Eggs 2.0, Meditation Eggs For Slow Down, Thinking Egg Of Different Natural Elements

[Stress Relief] Have you ever feel restless, anxious, or stressed? Stress can make you aged. Some scientists conducted a study about what stress can bring to us –being aged. Stress not only makes us being aged but also brings us many diseases over time.

2021 Upgraded Thinking Eggs
When you look at this egg, you will be calm down with its excellent balance. It can stand there just doing nothing. You will feel peaceful when you are looking at it. Gently holding the egg and running it across your palm instantly brings a sense of calm and relaxation to your mind and body. Once you touch it, you will feel comfortable with its cool but tough tactile sense. Just stroke it, your stress will be released slowly. Sometimes, it just like an angel who tries their best to reassure you. Get one and find the exclusive charming of those eggs.

[Best Tool To Slow Down] Have you ever been interrupted your thoughts? Have you ever want to think something but you are so busy to stop? Have you too hurry to think about what you really need to think about since a long time ago?
Over 100,000 units sold to date– They’re back where it all began with 4 brand-new elements. They found that lots of people -including themselves– use their overstimulation as a badge of honor; The more they work, the “better”. They desire to steer far from that socially developed attitude as well as create a tool to encourage us to slow down, be more mindful, present, and generally a lot more conscious in our day-to-day live.

[Good Tools For Meditation] If you easily distracted when you are doing a meditation? Meditation mid-release your stress and help you be more focused on doing one thing in your daily life. But sometimes, it’s hard to be absorbed in meditation for beginners of mindfulness meditation. These little eggs could help. Once you begin a meditation, you can hold it without doing something or stroke it. It can bring you to a deep meditation easily by the ways above.

[How To Meditation] Setting aside time for formal meditation is an important way to establish a routine and get comfortable with the practice. Even just a few minutes a day can make a big difference.

[Easy To Carry] Balancing at 17 mm wide and 23.38 mm tall, the Thinking Egg has been ergonomically designed to feel great in your hands while being extremely portable. With these little eggs, you can take it anyway, and you will not feel uncomfortable. As its weight is within 15 g, you can take it without any burden.

[Why are eggs?] For centuries, throughout different societies all over the world, the egg has actually stood for hope, fortune, as well as life. Their goal was to make use of all-natural products that can work in harmony with the egg’s basic yet exciting symbology as well as layout.

[4 Different Element]

  • ENERGY: The Crystal Quartz is once believed to be fossilized ice by early scholars. Crystal Quartz has metaphysical properties that promote positive thought while stabilizing one’s environment.
  • COURAGE: Ancient Egyptians used it for the eyes in their divine being statues to express divine vision. Tiger’s eyes are said to warm against complacency and promote courage in thinking outside of the box.
  • CLARITY: Composed from fragment of stone particles, Sandstone is said to help with clarity of thought while helping relieve stress, abrasiveness, and general irritation.
  • REFINEMENT: Textural patterns made from hand-forging steel and carbon, Damascus Steel is known for its unequaled strength and resilience; High qualities helpful for accomplishing any task or goal.2021 Upgraded Thinking Eggs

2021 Upgraded Thinking Eggs

More Detail

Type: Crystal Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Sandstone, Damascus Steel

Item Weight:

  • Crystal Quartz: 10.2 g / 0.35 oz
  • Tiger’s Eye: 11.3 g / 0.4 oz
  • Sandstone: 9.7 g / 0.34 oz
  • Damascus Steel: 28 g / 0.99 oz

2021 Upgraded Thinking Eggs


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2021 Upgraded Thinking Eggs

Upgraded Thinking Eggs For Meditation

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