Self Cleaning Slicker Brush For Pet

A must for pet owners! – Hiyaahome Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Self cleaning slicker brush Use a special brush to comb the hair of the pet cat (dog) once or twice a day, so that the fallen hair is concentrated on the brush and disposed of at once.

Pet hair brushes, the hair brushes on our website can effectively remove the hair shedding from pets.

Keep the room clean, and also benefit the physical and mental health of cats (dogs).

Competitive advantage:

Good handle design, high cost performance.

Our products have a good hair combing effect and are affordable.

In addition, the non-slip handle of this product has also been recognized by customers.

The handle is designed to be convenient to hold, comfortable to handle, and very strong.

The most suitable pets are: tuxedo cat, shepherd mix, dane, ragdoll cat, Siberian Husky

Groom dogs and cats thoroughly.

The hair of cats (dogs) will get bigger and bigger after encountering water, which is difficult to clean up.

If the hairs of cats (dogs) are not treated in time, or if no hairs are found during the nursing process, bacteria will continue to grow between the hair and skin, which will lead to yeast infections, so if you find that you can’t comb The knots should be cut off with scissors.

In severe cases, hair knots may also strain the skin, so be careful when trimming.

So when you use our products to groom cats (dogs), they can effectively straighten out loose hair and help remove oil from the skin.

1. Start sorting out. From the neck to the abdomen and tail, until the whole body is combed.

2. If you want to use a human comb or brush, it is also possible, but you must gently and gently comb their hair softly.

3. When a cat (dog) is well-behaved for you to groom, reward it with one or two delicious snacks after grooming.

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