Top 1 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 2L

The most effective squirrel-proof bird feeders usually have extra functions that make them an excellent investment. 

So, best squirrel proof bird feeders must have the following advantages:

An airflow system to kept birdseed from spoiling, chew-proof functions to stop stubborn squirrels from destroying a feeder. And domes to protect the feeder from aspects and provide additional squirrel protection.

Hiyaahome Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Some squirrel proof bird feeders also are designed to hold suet, sunflower seeds, or another specific type of food, meaning they aren’t ideal for every bird type.

It means that good squirrel proof bird feeders should be suitable for all kinds of food for the bird.

Generally speaking, by confining bird feeders in wire mesh large enough to permit birds to go into the cage, however small enough to leave out squirrels, you have successfully squirrel-proofed the feeder.Hiyaahome Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The top pick squirrel proof bird feeder for gardens and patios and even outdoor: 

Excellent Hiyaahome squirrel proof bird feeder is one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders based on material, design features, and seed capacity.

Hiyaahome Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder With 4 Feeding Port, 2L Waterproof Hanging Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof:

This new outdoor hanging bird feeder has a squirrel-proof design.

There is barbed wire around the bird feeder. Stop the squirrel from eating the seed inside the feeder effectively.

There are four feeding ports for the birds to eat the seeds. Each port has a foothold for the birds. So the bird could normally eat while the squirrel could not reach the port.

Professional Design:

BAFFLE: The baffle is made of transparent acrylic, which helps you observe the food inside the feeder easily. Convenient for you to fill the seed inside.

VENTILATION SYSTEM: Ventilate design not only could keep the seed far from decaying, which cause by stuffiness. Let the humidity and hot air out through the ventilation holes on the top of the feeder and lead the fresh air into the feeder.

AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE SEED PORT DESIGN: If adult squirrels reach the feeder, the seed port will close automatically. Thanks to this unique design, this bird feeder could prevent squirrels efficiently. They were made of anti-chew metal, which prevents the squirrels from chewing—long service life for you with its durable material.

BOTTOM TRAY: The bottom tray could save some leaked seeds. There also some drainage holes for the seed. Never worry about the rain with its professional design. Keep the seed dry and fresher than other feeders.

Durable Material

The shell of the bird feeder is made of metal material, which durable and strong enough to a long life. The surface of the shell also coated with a layer of waterproof coating which ensure the feeder durable and prevents the bird feeder from rusting.

Easy To Use & Large Capacity 

You can hang the bird feeder everywhere with the string on the top. If you want to add seeds to the bird feeder, you could open the upper cover and fill the seeds.

Never worry about the seed would get rousting with its ventilation system. The capacity of the bird feeder is 2 L. You could put many seeds inside once time.

Can Be Hung Anywhere

There is a string on the top of the bird feeder; you could hang it in a close place which convenient for you to observe the birds in the house. You can hang it in the window, trees of the backyard, decks, or any other places in the backyard. It’s a happy hour to observe the birds with your family.

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