Top Best Modern Sink Stoppers

In our daily life, we use the sink every day. Therefore, a durable and high-quality sink stopper is very important.

Find quality bathroom sink stopper replacement to help eliminate clogs caused by foreign objects.

Important Tip:

You don’t have to replace the old sink stopper assembly with the same model, but installing the new equipment will be easier if it is the same size and shape as the old stuff.

So, we recommend HiyaaHome sink stopper for you.

HiyaaHome Sink Stopper

Hiyaahome bathroom Sink Stoppers and kitchen Sink Stoppers (All for bathroom or kitchen sink)

[Easy To Install]

It only takes you 10 seconds to install this Sink Stopper.

Use pliers to pull out the old basin stopper and put the new one in. And you could use the sink stopper now!

It is also convenient for you to clean up the stopper, all parts of the stopper are disassembled, and you pull it up and disassemble it. Then you could clean up the stopper thoroughly.

[Upgraded Design & Premium Material]

There is a beautiful bullet core shape in the center, which could do a great job on bathtub drain plugs. A sealed spring, sensitive enough for bouncing quickly.

This basin pop-up drain filter is mainly made of chosen stainless steel and brass material. Durable enough to be anti-rust, cracking and explosion.

Durable and premium silica gel help to store water well and stop the water from leaking.

There is a basket that is anti-clogging, help to prevent the sewer from stuck-on hair.

In addition, if you lost your ring or your necklace while you are washing your face or hand, this basket would hold your thing toughly.

Never worry that your jewel would get lost when you are using this sink stopper.

HiyaaHome Sink Stopper


This Sinker is suitable for the drain holes which side is 1.34’’~1.4’’. The diameter (sink plug plate) / 61mm/2.4inch, the inner and outer diameters of the diameter (rubber sealing ring) are 31.5mm/1.24inch and 37mm/1.45inch, the diameter (fastening bolt) / 16mm/0.62inch, the shut height of the plug screw is 10mm/0.39inch, The diameter of the middle pop-up plug is 30mm/1.18inch.

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