Top Extra Long Grabber Help You Pick Up Things

Using a Long grabber tool can help us make daily tasks safer and more manageable, including gathering trash that has blown into the yard or reaching objects from high shelves.

For those with disabilities, a grabber could be an invaluable and useful tool that allows users to reach objects and perform tasks that could be impossible without the extra help.

Grabbers can approaching extend one’s reach, with the ability to extend from 16.5 inches as much as 31 inches.

This tool’s big jaws can grip onto items ranging from bottles to small pieces of glass, easier to pick up small metal objects, like a set of keys.

When You Choosing the Useful Grabber Tool, what to Consider

While length may be one of the most important attribute when selecting a tool designed to extend one’s reach, other factors can make a big difference in a tool’s usefulness, including maneuverability, grabbing mechanism, and weight. Ahead, find out more about these and other factors that vary among grabber tools.

Intended Use

Grabber tools are designed for several purposes. Grabbers designed to help those with mobility issues are typically lighter and shorter than grabber tools intended for other purposes, making them easier to handle.

Grabbers also serve for reaching objects from a shelf, replacing the need for a ladder or step stool.

They are even helpful assistants for cleaning the trim above windows and dusting ceiling fans.

For these purposes, the length of the grabber is necessary to maximize functionality.

Many also have useful features including folding shafts and clips that allow the user to carry them or attach them to a wheelchair so they are readily available.

Some models have other handy features such as LED lights that aid with visibility and shoehorns that assist with applying to one’s shoes.

Shaft Material and Length

Most grabber tools have an aluminum shaft, which is lightweight, strong, and resists corrosion.

Grabber tools range in length from shorter 26-inch models as much as longer 40-inch models.

Longer grabbers are ideal for reaching objects that are higher off the ground than one might otherwise have the ability to access without a ladder.

They also could be useful helpers for routine maintenance around your house, including collecting or changing a light bulb trash around a property.

They don’t offer as much reach, shorter grabbers are easier to maneuver.

They can help those with mobility issues pick up objects and handle tasks like gathering toys and clothes off the floor in a child’s room.

Foldable Grabber


Much of the best grabbers are easy to grip and comfortable on the hand while applying pressure to hold the jaws surrounded an object.

These handles have a molded grip that complies with the hand in order to pressure is distributed evenly over the hand, that makes it more comfortable to grip when applying constant pressure to the trigger while maneuvering an object.

Some grabbers also fold to 90-degree angles, making things easier to reach items that may be at the behind a high shelf or cabinet.

Once they grip an object, others have a mechanism that allows the user to lock the jaws.

Weight and Maneuverability

Weight and maneuverability play a significant role in determining how easy a grabber is to use.

A grabber needs to become light enough for users to make sure that it’s easy for them to manipulate the tool.

Most grabbers are made of lightweight aluminum and weigh between 9 and 13 ounces.

How much weight a tool can effectively hold in its grippers is an important feature.

Lighter-duty grabbers can handle up to 5 pounds, while heavy-duty grabbers have a higher weight limit of up to 12 pounds.

Maneuverability also is key. Some grabbers are foldable with a joint at the midpoint of the shaft.

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