Top Upgraded Multi Purpose Ice Cube Mold

Although the concept of ice is simple, a perfect ice cube tray can do wonders for your drink.

The first step towards better ice? Chose a useful Ice Cube Mold is very important.

We will provide our favorite ice cube trays for all drinkers.

Best for Whiskey, Juice, Cocktails, Beer, Champagne, Indoor & Outdoor.

Hiyaahome Upgraded 2 in 1 Ice Cube Mold Multi Purpose

Safe Material

Hiyaahome Upgraded Ice Cube Maker is made by Upgraded Copolyester — TRITAN.

This material not only high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistant, but also free from BPA material, bring you a safe drinking maker.

What’s more, you can watch the water inside the bottle easily with it’s transparent material.

Transparent plastic not only means exquisite but also bring you a great view inside the bottle.

Odor Free

There is a lid which could be screw and help you close the bottle tightly.

Never worry about that your grids would be tainted by other odor.

Also, this rigorous design help keep the water into the bottle even you turn the Ice Cube Bottle upside down.

Easy To Make

Big mouth design, help you to fill the bottle more easily than before.

Compare to some traditional ice cube trays, this bottle is easier for you to fill the bottle without wasting water.

Each grid is ball whose diameter is 2.8 cm.

If you need the ball, all you need to do is just pull the belt beside the bottle.

As it could make 17 grids each time, you don’t need to wait for an other time to freeze more ice cube, because this 17 balls are enough.

2 In 1 Function

This bottle not only a Ice Cube Maker, but also a ice storage bottle.

As it only weigh 400 , easy for you to take it everywhere.

If you want some cold whiskey while fishing, just take this great bottle! Not easy to melt with it’s firm shape.

Three Ways Option For You

  • Pour the ice hockey puck into a cup with a drink, the full ice hockey puck will instantly bring you a cold experience.
  • Fill the drink into this ice ball maker kettle which with iced balls, shake it for a few seconds, then pour it into the cup, you will find the drink is just like it taken out of from the refrigerator.
  • Pour drinks into this ice cube kettle After you pull the belts beside the bottle, shake it for a few seconds, drink it directly, and enjoy the original iced drink.
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