Hiyaahome Decoration For US Independence Day

Hiyaahome USA Pleated Fan Flag For US Independence Day

show your patriotism through the “Independence Bunting and National Flag” vibrant red, white and blue patriotic fold fan (also called “American Flag Bunting“).

These patriotic bunting flags are great 4th of July decorations,.

They could be hung on a yard, gate, office, garden, window, porch, patio or any place you would like to decorate.


Unique Design & Durable

These American patriotic fold fans are made to the same high standards as the other a part of the American flag bunting.

There is red and blue stripes, stars on the American Half Fan Banner, you can see the whole flag clearly on this banner.

This USA fan flags are made of polyester, which is strong and durable.

You could hang them to decorate your house for a long time, and it won’t easy to broken.

Aim to make the flag hang tightly but could float in the wind, we stitch around the edge of flag and reinforced canvas head.

We also set three brass grommets to help you have a longer time in hanging flag.

Great Decoration

These patriotic flags are a great decoration for 4th of July.

Not only could Hang on yard, gate, office, but also could hang up in garden, window, porch, patio or anywhere you wan to decorate.

Use These American Flag Bunting To Make A Statement Of Patriotism.

Hang up this flags on yard, patio, garden or the front of your gate, and catch the eyes of your neighbors or anyone who walks by instantly.

They all will be proud of you, and proud for our great country.

Hang up these flags, and it’s time to display your patriotic spirit right now!

Hiyaahome 2 Pieces USA Pleated Fan Flag: https://www.hiyaahome.com/product/hiyaahome-2-pieces-usa-pleated-fan-flag/

Hiyaahome 2021 4th of July Decorations Pillow Covers 18×18 Set Of 4

God Bless America

Comfortable Material

The pillow cover is made of high quality linen material which is soft for you but very durable.

This Eco-friendly material not only anti-static, alleviate your restless emotion better when you lean on this cushion, but also inhibit the growth of bacteria better than other lining.

Easy To Put In

For making pillow looks fuller and let you have a more comfortable experience about leaning, we deign the the dimension of the pillow case is 17.7*17.7 inch.

Which is according the ergonomics, but please be at ease, it could contain the pillow inner more in the size of 18*18 inch.

If you want to put the pillow inside, just pull the zipper which is color-coordinated hidden.

Them put the pillow inside and close the zipper. Easy for you put the pillow inside.

Great Decoration For House

The theme of pillow is patriotism, get your home ready for 4th of July/Independence Day/Memorial Day.

Perfect pillow case foe farm, balcony, living room, bedroom, patch, office, garden, car, etc.

Loving our country all the time everywhere, you can use this pillow not only at the 4th July.


Pleas wash it in cold water at gentle cycle or by hand. If you wash it by a washer, please do not use bleach.

You could dry flat or hang. Never worry about the color would fade after washing.

The digital printing could looks beautiful after repeated washing.

Hiyaahome 2021 4th of July Decorations Pillow: https://www.hiyaahome.com/product/hiyaahome-4th-of-july-decorations-pillow-covers-18×18-set-of-4/

Hiyaahome 2021 Upgrade LED America Flag With 420 Super Bright LED For Independence Day

420 LED American Flag

Upgraded Version

This unique LED American Flag upgraded with 420 Super Bright LED

Which is much brighter than before and the amount of LED Light is up to 420.

The dimensions of the flag is 6.5*3.3 ft.

It could be seen even in a far place by it’s large area of bright LED.

The best flag for you to show your strong spirit of patriotism.

Even the people who pass by your house and see the flag, they would proud of American again and proud of your special ways to express the patriotism.

Waterproof LED Light as Great As American

This Light Up American Flag not only great of it’s bright LED lights, but also great of it’s low-energy lighting feature.

Which could save electricity and extend the life of the light.

As it consume little energy, you could buy this environmentally friendly product relieved.

Concern about the problem of environment just like our conscientious country.

The waterproof rank of the American Flag is IP 44, which is strong enough to live even in the extreme weather such as heavy rain.

420 LED American Flag

Note: The plug is not waterproof, please keep the plug far from the water in outdoor.

Widely Used

As it’s waterproof is IP44, and a big area of bright light, it could be used in many places.

It could be used for a decoration indoor or outdoor, yard, porch, patio, fence, garden, garages, walls,and so on.

If you go out for camping, you could also take this flag because this also a good decoration for taking photo by it’s bright and durable LED.

Highly recommend that use this amazing flag to decorate your bar if you are a operator of a bar.

Your customer could know your enthusiasm for the country and proud of you and American again. Also a great decoration for 4th July.

Long Battery Life

The life of battery could be 100000 hours academically. Never worry it’s could be broken in the next year.

US Independence Day Product: https://www.hiyaahome.com/product-category/independnet-day/

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