Useful Portable Security Door Lock Recommend

The Original Portable Door Lock By Hiyahome BEST OVERALL

When traveling by using the Original Portable Door Lock by Hiyahome, feel safe even. Easy to install, Installation takes just a few seconds and provides an added level of security in any hotel room or rental.

When the door is open, metal claws are inserted into the strike plate. Once the door is closed, the Hiyahome Portable Door Lock is installed, making it impossible for those with a key to open the door from the outside.

Designed for being used on the inside of a door to keep and slow intruders out people with a key, the Hiyahome Portable Door Lock is ideal for use in hotels, college dorms or home rentals when strangers may have access to your door.

Portable Door Lock

Product Advantages:

  • Strong & Portable
  • Protect Your Personal Safety & Privacy
  • Get ready for protect you in everywhere
Portable Door Locks

Application Scenario:

Hiyaahome Security Doorlocks for hotel room, bedroom add extra safety privacy solid removable No Drill Door Jammer Latch For House, Apartment, School, Great Tool For Self-defense Item.

Portable Door Lock

Strong & Durable

The door lock is made of hard stainless steel, which will not break easily and prevent rust or becoming brittle, so you can use it for a long time.

But don’t judge its safety by its compact size. The claws part is composed of solid stainless steel part which is not easy to deform, and could grip the door better.

When you lock the door with this lock, nothing can get in, either lashing out or pushing hard. Very useful in hotels and bedrooms to upgrade your personal safety protection.

Portable Lock

With it only weigh 118 g / 4.2 oz and compact design, you can take it anywhere easily.

You can take it if you go travel or on an business trip.

If your bedroom could be open outside, you can use this lock too. There’s a bag for you to carry the lock easily.

Install Easily

  • Insert the back of the handle and see if there is enough room for the lock to fit
  • Open the door toward you and insert the claws of the Lock into the strike of the door
  • Once the claws are in the strike plate, close the door and this PORTABLE DOOR LOCK will be held in the position with the door.
  • Tack the red handle and inset the moving metal rod into the triangular hole go the body of the lock on the side between the chrome body and the door handle.
  • The red handle will slide down till it locks the door in place. Install finished.

How To Remove

Lift the red handle and remove the moving metal rod from the triangular hole. Open the door and release this Portable Door Lock’s body from the strike plate.

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