Why Do Potted Plants Require Water Drainage?

Yard pots and containers without pot feet don’t have adequate area to permit airflow or water drain – making them at risk of many awful and dangerous troubles.

Whether your potted plants are indoors or outdoors, the correct drain is essential to guarantee they stay healthy. This procedure maintains water from pooling at the base of the pot, which can create germs, fungi, and origin rot.

That’s the reason your potted plants need water drainage. And you require to buy some plant pot feets for your potted plants. Plant pot feet give air circulation under the container, which permits the dirt to dry totally between watering.

‘Pot feet’ aid lift a pot or container off the ground or one more surface area to provide extra oxygenation.

Animal Plant Pot Feet

Hiyaahome Flower Pot Feet, These pot feet are an excellent means to avoid your containers ending up being waterlogged.

These pot feet raise pots to protect patios and decks from rot, scrapes & water rings.

Designer pot feet look great, yet they can get expensive if you have many containers. Yet Hiyaahome.com gives you affordable plant pot feet established for your pots.

Hiyaahome Animal Plant Pot Feet Set Of 3

[Improve Air Circulation & Drainage]

Plant Pot Feet is used to put under your planting pot and raise your pot. Promote the drainage of plantings and prevent waterlogging.

No more worry that the stagnant water in the pot would rot the root. Besides, some bugs always nest under the pots, like Armadillidium Vulgare or other bugs which live in the wet and dark areas.

They love to eat the young roots of the planting and damage to the planting. So drainage system is important for planting.

Animal Plant Pot Feet

HiyaaHome Plant Pot Feet here for better growth of plantings which in some simple, elegant and retro pots. Keep your plants far away from stagnant water and bugs.

What’s more, Plant Pot Feet is also an ideal tool for preventing stains on your patio, floors, desks.

[Unique Design & Craftsmanship]

Designed in England. Hand-painted lead-free and UV resistant coating stops the plant pot feet from fading and maintains their gorgeous appearance for a long time.

Bronze finish, harmonious for all types of pots. Elegant, Simple and retro.

[Durable & Heavy Duty]

Made by antifreeze synthetic resin, durable and hard solid. Sturdy enough to support the pots weighing up to 50 lbs. Suitable for pots, whether indoor or outdoor.

[Perfect Gift]

Great present for animal lovers and plants lovers at birthday parties, Christmas, housewarming and so on with it an exquisite appearance.

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