Why You Need LED Pool Lights?

You have been missing out on half the enjoyment of having a swimming pool if you’ve been restricting your swim time to daylight hrs.

No one wants to swim in a pitch dark swimming pool. Who knows what may be hiding in the deep end?

Adding a light-emitting diode (LED) pool light or more (or ten) will undoubtedly let you brighten up the night and also have two times the fun. And fend off swamp monsters looking for brand-new houses.

Upgrading to LED pool lights will certainly also allow you to get a couple of advantages you may not have considered, consisting of how much money you’ll save contrasted to conventional illumination.

And also, it’s easy and enjoyable. Preference the rainbow of options available, and enjoy your swim even after the sun’s down for the day.

HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

Less Energy and Heat

An LED pool light uses a portion of the power of an equivalent incandescent light bulb because of the reduced power level.

The lower energy use per light bulb and integrated heat sinks generate brighter light than may be safely possible with incandescents.

The lowered heat likewise suggests the LED will undoubtedly last longer than an incandescent light bulb and reduces the requirement for regular gasket upkeep.

Color Your World

LED pool lights are available in a rainbow of colors. The lights coupled with Remote Controller let you personalize your color pattern with a couple of faucets.

Others may use snap-on light filters for a fast adjustment. For you free time, party time.

HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

Lower Usage Costs

Having a swimming pool can cost you a pretty penny. In 2018, in the United States, pool maintenance costs an average of $190 each month. Why not save money every way you can?

Think about each LED pool light as a financial investment. Thanks to a much reduced typical electrical power, an LED pool light costs only pennies a day to run, while an incandescent light bulb can cost up to $1 a day.

You’ll likely pay a bit more in advance, but you’ll quickly recover what you spend, thanks to the energy cost savings.

Don’t miss out on much more cost savings from rebates, either.

Depending on where you live, your local or state government may offer money rebates to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. Get in touch with your local utility.

So, we recommend the best led pool lights for you.

HiyaaHome 2021 Pool Light With 3 Magnet & 2 Suction Cup, IP68 Water Proof Above Ground Pool Light, RF Remove Controller

[Upgraded Version] 

HiyaaHome LED Pool light adds three more LED lights than before, which is brighter than ever before. Help you look clearer while swimming at night. Keep you safe while providing a romantic atmosphere. Equipped with three strong magnets and two suction could be used in any way, whether wet or dry. Not only could you use it to decorate your pool, but you also could use it to decorate your home.

HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

[Upgraded RF Remote Controller] 

Unlike IR, RF Remove Controller control the lights by radio wave whose signal could cover a larger range. You could control the lights at different angles in different places within 200ft / 61m in the air. The light could receive your order even there is a wall between you with this RF Remote Control.

When the light at the water, although the signal could be weakened heavily in water, it also could control the lights within 15.4ft / 5m in water. One RC could control many lights, and you don’t need to aim the pool light one by one. Convenient for you to control the lights.

HiyaaHome LED Pool Lights

[Multi-function Bring Multi-atmosphere] 

The light could be adjustable in 16 colors. Each color could be switch on the RF Controller. There are three lighting modes for you to select-Flash, Fade and Smooth. For a better experience, there are three timing modes for you. You can set a lightning duration in 2/4/6 hours. There four levels for brightness; you could adjustable the brightness as you like.

[Could Be Used in Many Places] 

The water-resistant underwater lights are not just for underwater – swimming pools. But hot tub, bathtub, pond, water fountain, vases, fish tank, aquarium, and so on, they are also an ideal decoration for a variety of parties, wedding event, stage, nightclub, shopping center, jewelry shops, showrooms, cabinet, stores as well as other occasions like Carnival, Halloween, Xmas!

[Multi Types For You] 

There are two sizes for you to select. You could choose the size of 7cm / 2.8in or 8.5cm / 3.3 in. If you want an Eco-friendly type, you could choose the charging one, but the battery one is much convenient for you.

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